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✦ ✦ Unlabelled ✦ We fully intend to launch basic Social Networking throughout tagvillage

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TagVillage will not be a Google+ over night, but... call me crazy if you like, I trust it will be that and more :-)

"We fully intend to launch basic Social Networking throughout tagvillage over the next few weeks. While it is our intent to develop our Social Platform into a robust system that is equally, if not more powerful than Facebook and Google+, you must understand that we cannot do so from the very beginning. At first, we will have simple functions and simple processes. These will grow and become more and more powerful over time. For now, we will add the following to the site very quickly:

1. Basic Member Profile Pages
2. Features to Find/Connect with Friends
3. “Tweet” or “Post” Functions
4. Features to Create/Join/Participate in Groups

At first the Social Networking system within tagvillage will seem very primitive by modern standards. Just remember we must first crawl, then walk, then run. Initially there will be NO ACTIVTIY POINTS SYSTEM attached to basic social features. For a while you will NOT earn Daily Profit Shares from your social activity. However, as we collect data on the social network usage we will begin to implement Activity Points, enhance current features, and add new function. Over the next year, we fully expect our Social Platform to grow to be as robust and powerful as Facebook or Google+, with the added interaction of the Cause Platform, Activity Points, and Daily Profit Shares.

Along with the basic Social Networking features we will add a basic Cause Platform to tagvillage. We expect this platform to be live on the site very quickly. Again, I stress that we must first crawl, then walk, then run. Therefore, the initial Cause Platform will seem very primitive by modern standards. Causes will be able to create a profile and interact with our members via the basic Social Networking features. As time goes by we will enhance the Cause Platform and add many amazing features. Eventually, you will be able to support various Causes and help them earn money simply by using the site.

We are going to establish a very cool feature where there will be two levels of Causes within tagvillage. This system will be in place very quickly. There will be ‘Official Causes’ and ‘Unofficial Causes’. Think of ‘Official Causes’ as sanctioned Causes such as 501c3 organizations and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) that are formally ratified and documented. ‘Unofficial Causes’ will be efforts and movements to assist a particular person or family or situation that is not formally organized. Tagvillage members themselves will be able to create/join/participate in ‘Unofficial Causes’.

We will be eliminating the Quick Tag Search on the right column of the page and begin utilizing the Search Bar at the top. We plan to quickly implement some basic search functions within tagvillage. Again, I ask you to remember, we must first crawl, then walk, and then run. Initially the search features will work only within TagTrading. Very quickly we will add functionality to search the Bazaar, and our Social Network. Over time, we will have a completely functional Search that provides results from the World Wide Web, Social Networks, TagTrading, the Bazaar, and much more! "

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