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Here at The Shift Network we are committed to helping catalyze a year of great healing, powerful awakening and the dawn of a new era for humanity.
That’s why we are offering a powerful opportunity to release the stories and wounds of the past - including distortions around the Mayan prophecies of 2012 - and move forward into this New Year with openness, inspiration and hope.
In indigenous wisdom, these three days begin with “The Sacred Dawn” during which we can forgive and release the past. The second day we “Gather the Net” in which we further release our human entanglements and prepare to move into the New Year in the spirit of “The Celestial Serpent,” a day devoted to evolving into our highest selves and deepening our spirituality.

Feed Your Soul, Clear Your Mind, Open Your Heart

This is our time to CHOOSE awakening, healing and possibility as we prepare for the shifts ahead of us, and this series will powerfully support you in doing that.
The Mayan Prayer Circle is like a miniature retreat with a planetary elder, offering ways to feed your soul, clear your mind, cleanse your body and open your heart as you step into the New Year, empowered in the shared work of our collective healing.
This series also directly supports a spiritually-guided mission of Grandmother Flordemayo to create a Seed Temple that protects the seeds of food and medicinal plants that are at risk from GMO-crop contamination. Learn more about this important project below.
Overview of the Mayan Prayer Circle Sessions
In preparation for these sessions, Grandmother Flordemayo attunes to the collective energy of those present, drawing from the inspiration and guidance of Spirit for each particular time and place. Though there are themes for each day, Flordemayo remains open to the direction of Spirit and what you and other participants will need at that time.

Friday, December 30 
Session 1: The Sacred Dawn

In this session, Grandmother Flordemayo will lead us in a Mayan-guided meditation of opening the 13 sacred centers for the purpose of healing and blessing our lives and releasing the old. This session represents a powerful opportunity to complete 2011 with energetic clarity, making room for a powerful 2012.
In Grandmother Flordemayo’s tradition, this is a potent day for ceremony, for burning incense, and a day that represents the sound of the sacred Quetzal Bird that initiated the new dawn - the opportunity of life for this generation of creation.
This is a perfect day for asking the Spirits for forgiveness and blessings, releasing attachment to any errors that we have taken part in, consciously or unconsciously. This day also represents immediate change in one’s life and moving into transformation that is necessary in our destiny.

Saturday, December 31 
Session 2: Gathering the Net

In this session on the final day of 2011, Grandmother Flordemayo will take our releasing even deeper and teach us the practice of releasing the entanglements of “the Net” through a sacred bath for the Mother. We will learn to prepare a sacred bath with the intention and purpose of “cleansing ourselves in the elements as we reunite with the Mother Earth.”
“The Net” represents the entanglement of problems that become trapped and held tight on a personal and collective level. This day marks the power to come together in unity (internally and as a group of conscious beings) to affect the things that we need. We ground ourselves in the knowing that our human entanglements come from our own provocations; and it is destiny that puts us on our paths so we can learn from them and move beyond them.

Sunday, January 1st 
Session 3: The Celestial Serpent

In this session to begin 2012, Grandmother Flordemayo will lead us to connect with the divine fire within each of us, an aspect she calls “The Golden Child within.” She will share her vision of the Golden Child for participants stepping into this powerful year in history and will lead a deep meditation to foster your divine connection within.
The Celestial Serpent is the energy from our internal fire that we have at the base of our spinal column, which is related to our ascension and is the mission of all humans. It also represents the spiral motion of Mother Earth and is representative of the plumed serpent and the movement of the Q’uq’kumatz.
Q’uq’kumatz is the Creator and Maker of the universe and is related to human evolution and the unfolding of spirituality. It is the fire within the base of our vertebrae, the life force and the DNA where all genetic information is held, which is the collective memory of humanity. Thousands of years ago, the Mayan Grandfathers said all is in the form of a spiral.

Grandmother Flordemayo’s Sacred Bath Water Spray Sent Directly to Your Home

As part of this 3-part series, you will also receive Grandmother Flordemayo’s Sacred Bath Water Spray that will empower you in the New Year to cleanse your body, energetic and auric fields. The spray contains rare herbs grown specifically for Flordemayo and was created from a traditional healing recipe that indigenous medicine people have used for centuries. The combination of these herbs has the capacity to clear the past (including generational healing) and to clear the present in preparation for the future. The spray also helps clear and strengthen our auric fields to prepare ourselves for this time of great shift and change.

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