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How guilt functions can be a fascinating process to watch if you are able step outside of yourself and watch the unraveling of emotions and feelings take place. Dear ones, you can do this simply by thinking and retracing your thoughts to when and where the first feelings of guilt began to take root. Guilt can be created over the most mundane of things. We have observed some people discover they feel guilty after a long day of work and personal challenges that they choose to relax instead of doing a chore such as washing the dishes or another daily activity that is normally done. 
As a child guilt is felt differently. When a child is beginning to feel guilty about not doing something as asked you can actually see their mind functioning with many thoughts as their expressions change from one to another in a dramatic procession. Many children express their guilt through angry outbursts because it’s their way of trying to deny their part of what was asked of them. When you choose to not do something regardless of what it is, what often occurs dear ones is a spontaneous urge created by rash thinking that is filled with the rush to escape, repress and sometimes the necessity of talking to oneself to deny the responsibility; this dear ones are the builders of guilt. When one is feeling guilt, many negative thoughts enter the over thinking mind such as self-punishment, possibly negative self-talk based on the possibility of causing another person disappointment. Guilt is presented when the actions you were asked to do, were not done and you were questioned. You denied the ability to fulfil the request asked of you for reasons that only you can provide answers for. 
Any time dear ones you are presented with the ability to help another, is also the opportunity to demonstrate your fresh and creative side. When you choose to not fulfill someone’s request of help you are actually repressing your own creative ability which if denied often becomes stagnant because you ignored it and turns into guilt. Understand dear ones guilt is never a judgement about any one person; rather it’s dulled creative life energy. It is what occurs when you push away your creative urge that is presented out of the request of another in the form of help. When you choose to deny this sacred part of your Self you are also denying and forgetting God is also a part of you. The negative self talk that often takes root is self-criticizing demoralizing oneself by telling themselves they are lazy and find themselves becoming detached that can also begin to build a feeling of miserableness. 
There are many things people around the globe feel guilty for. Some people have the sense of guilt for not doing the daily chore they always do at the end of the day, or they feel guilty for not helping the people of third world countries, they feel guilty over their lack of action in their own lives, etc., the examples of what a person can feel guilty over is endless; the reasons can be big and small, guilt has no discrimination over the size of the issue. Unfortunately there are many dear souls that share your earth that are brought up to think it is their guilt that motivates their actions when in reality dear ones guilt is truly a lack of motivation, what guilt does is create stagnation and if left for too long it will fester and rot. 
You know dear ones there is always room for action on your part and it is up to you to make that choice. To be actively part of your life and actively and motivated to each area of your life moves you closer to your own truth, demonstrating the creative energy that is alive inside of you that is filled with God’s Presence. 
Every time you choose to not act when someone has asked for your assistance you are encouraging guilt to enter. You can’t offer advice to others if you yourself can’t follow your own wisdom. Mulling over all of your past achievements will not bring you closer to being the charitable and helpful person we know you can be. Get up dear ones and help when you can. If at that particular moment you cannot fulfill a request asked of you because you are already in the middle of something, then it is up to you to ask if you can fulfill this request at later time and follow through. When someone asks you for your assistance this is considered as a privilege, an honour to be asked for help; they thought of you and this is your opportunity to shine your creative energy through your efforts even if all you were asked was to mow a lawn or drive someone to a store that is too far. Being able to fulfill a request asked of you is very rewarding and if looked at with a positive light, it is also a great confidence booster and can easily motivate you into doing more helpful work around your community. There are many community centres that always accept good reliable help even though help is done on a voluntary basis, knowing that there is no money given as payment for your efforts. 
Guilt has never been a motivator; it is actually the opposite of motivation. Any guilt you have creates stagnation when your creative energy is not honoured and you create a separation between your Self and God. Understand dear ones, when there is no division between you and your actions, what you do is effortless, there is an absence of guilt and the actions you do seem as if they are being done by another when in fact they are joined by God. When you feel the heaviness of guilt enter your mind, the negative thinking, you can quickly overcome this feeling instead of ignoring the heaviness and making it worse. Allow yourself to be moved by the energy to fulfill the task that you were about to put off and before you know it, that mundane task is done making it one less thing needed to accomplish before your day comes to an end. Guilt dear ones, does not take your feelings into consideration, so it is up to you to think of ways that are productive and creative that will overcome guilt’s attempt to enter your mind and still follow through fulfilling the requests asked of you. 
When you allow yourself to be absorbed by the powerful energy that moves through you to complete certain tasks such as a chore, helping out at a community centre, volunteering at a fundraiser, or helping to save the whales you are permitting your whole self to become one with your effortless action. The energy from this action is incredible and you have felt this before, it is no stranger. You have noticed this when days seem to move faster than others, this is because you have moved into effortless action and all the tasks required of you for that day are done, you were terrifically productive and you look back and feel WOW, the day is done already. That is beautiful dear ones. 
When you sit around too much complaining about being bored and at the same time giving lectures to others, you create negative energy and those people whom you lecture are not required to take any word you say seriously as you are not at that moment demonstrating God’s Presence or your own effortless action. What you demonstrate here is stagnation and a lack of motivated action. There is always something to be done, there is never a good reason for boredom to become part of your day when there is always something to do. 
Even though guilt carries heavy negative possibilities, it doesn’t have to. When noticed, guilt can create movement from a life of just sitting around to a life that is busy and fulfilling. It is up to you to allow the guilt to either fester deeper and create further inaction or turn this around and become active in your life and part of the lives of those closest to you as well as the rest of mankind through your effortless action to want to help. You have the ability already inside of you to make all the necessary changes to your own life that will in turn bring change to others. Stop trying to compete on whose feelings are more superior and accept the responsibility for your life and start living without any guilt through your positive actions that have the ability to touch so many just by your bountiful and beautiful energy. 
Your truth is not to sit around doing absolutely nothing. Your truth dear ones is about action. End the inaction of always needing to remind others of how great you once were, or judging others and accept your guilt and your stagnation. Face this with the courage we know you have, that you have denied for so long and become vibrantly alive, connected once again to the Presence of God that is within you, demonstrating the goodness that is part of your true self. Live a life without guilt dear ones, without the need to dramatize everything. You don’t need to prove to anyone how great you are, not even yourself. Believe you already have all the necessary ability to make anything possible. Your journey is yours. Each step is created by your choices. We encourage you to make the decision to bring in more positive changes that will enhance all corners of your life, creating more dynamic energy that is inspiring, helpful and filled with God’s Presence in each action. We know you can, but it is up to you to believe this as well. 
I AM Archangel Tzadkiel through Julie Miller 

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