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Beautiful Hearts, there are so many wonderful treasures all around you; your talents, gifts, and your whole self that over time and with enough sufficient application of the Right use of lovely actions is able to clearly bring you into the realm of the Mother that is within each of you. With all the gifts and skills you already have acquired take a look and determine in truth and honesty where there is need to fine-tune those gifts and skills. As you learn to hone and master those skills and gifts that are your treasures, the divine light of the Mother that has always been just below the surface of all that you are becomes unveiled. When this divine and sacred moment arises, you will come to feel and know the great abundance of Love being bestowed upon each of you from God, providing you with His Light, His absolute Truth and all the sacred and profound God Qualities that your heart and soul has been reaching for.
Dearest Beautiful Hearts, we know how long you have waited and wanted to have the door to your past and even your future to be heaved from your own precious consciousness. We know and understand how disconcerting it can be to see any part of your future expanded before you, giving you an indication of possible possibilities that the years ahead may bring, while at the same time maintaining a harmonizing balance and peace of mind that will provide you comfort during the life you are currently living. Accept Beautiful Hearts, the wisdom of your own presence, discover happiness in unsuspecting places and enjoy its gift of joy that it brings you.
I am here before you extending my hand to you in love, will you accept my love from my own heart and as me as your own mother? I am here before you, sharing with you the comfort of my own hands in order for you to share this comfort with others with the love and compassion that is found within your own precious hearts. As you move forward Beautiful Hearts, tackling all your endeavors you are always increasing your understanding of God’s Love and His Divine Light being an important part of your own being. As you continue to take each step towards His breathtaking Light, His Love and Divine Qualities become part of your own inherent nature. You find yourself becoming One with His Heart and as you accept my love you also become One with my own and through your actions that you express thereafter they will be received and felt with love and sincerity. Embrace this Oneness Beautiful Hearts and share the beautiful vibrations that you will feel from our sacred connectedness and allow our energy to work though you, sharing the love-filled energy that becomes a blessing wherever you travel.
Beautiful Hearts, we know you wait in pure faithfulness while you move in and out of experiences and certain challenges. You learn to tolerate disappointments from any wish your own heart has yearned for through the energy of Light that God openly shares with you. Know Beautiful Hearts, His Light will always be the anchor along your journey. His Light is always constant and it never becomes extinguished. As you persevere each challenge and each experience you know you are becoming stronger and the wisdom gained will benefit you with knowledge for future need and use. Understand and know Beautiful Hearts any delay that has caused disappointment is not meant to remain forever, only temporary. We love you, I love you and I am always here for you with my extended arms, opened to embrace you with all my Might and Love.
We know there are going to be difficult challenges and you know this too, you just don’t always know when they will suddenly appear, but remember God’s Light is Brilliant and His Light will penetrate all darkness, providing you a way out of any difficult trial or tribulation. Hone in on His Light, allow His Infinite Light be the beacon you need and follow it home with trust and faith in the purity of His Love for you.
There is a lot of commotion lately as many of you are transitioning as well as Mother Earth is moving through her own necessary changes. All the changes that have been felt and are still being felt have been intended long before this life-time. They are not necessarily new but they are felt as new to those that were unaware of their awakening being a trigger to releasing some of the delayed manifestations. Your future cannot be rushed and all the information that is given by God to each of you comes when you indicate readiness. All comes to each of you when it’s meant to be. Enjoy your journey, inhale the love that God shares with each of you and exhale in His Light.
For the many dear souls that wait patiently and in pure faith in God and in His Divine Will understand completely they are not just passing the time away in idle. While they are waiting, they are also contributing significantly and effectively to the community and to their global backyard by working as an anchor of Light for others with only the purest of intentions to send and receive Love, Light and Compassion that automatically reflects God’s own love unto all that crosses their path. The energy provided by your Trust and Faith is very powerful Beautiful Hearts and it is not meant to be underestimated as they both contain potent energy to create change.
For all the dear souls that have experienced disappointment due to delays and have had to wait, we send you a torrent of love and gratitude. Your perseverance, we know was a great difficulty when faced with certain upsets and obstacles. The devotion each of you has given to your life and of your ability to open yourselves to feel the fullness of God’s Love and to serve as a sharer of Light is a true treasure in itself. Each of you has a purpose and we see each of you as a treasure.
Please Beautiful Hearts accept my thanks and receive my blessings not just for today but for each day you rise to greet the day. Comprehend dear ones if it wasn’t for your own devotion and faith along your journey and through difficult situations, you would find it shaky to greet mankind with your love and compassion. But each of you are strong, you are all courageous and loving and through the Inner Activity joined with the Mother that is within you, you find the door that calls to your heart and soul to open and you do go beyond this door as you come to realize this door is not frightening, it is the threshold to God’s own Heart, forever joined with yours.
Each dear soul that moves and breathes on your bountiful planet is Hope Incarnate. The Divine Purpose each of you holds is a promise of God’s Will and of His Loving Intentions to bring marvelous changes into this life-time through the power and energy of the Divine Realm, pouring His Love and Light into every person of every creed and race.
May God, your Father and the Son, my Son fill your whole self with their holy blessings, where they keep you in comfort, guidance and love, while sustaining you within their Light. May you also accept the extension of myself when I share my love from my own heart with you during the times you require the soothing embrace and nearness of a Mother’s warmth and comfort. We know you have endured and you will always have a place within our arms, call to me, call to us and we will come, welcoming you home.
The pouring of my love, nor the pouring of my Son’s Love or God’s Love will never cease. Your journey is not a lonely one, remember you have us; you have me and by working together for the greater good, you will become a blazing star of Divine Light filled to the brim of Love for all people, not forgetting to love yourself as well.
With love to each you, 
Mother Mary through Julie Miller 
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