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The world just keeps getting crazier. On so many levels and in so many ways, epic alterations are taking place, which reinforces the old wisdom that the only constant is change.

Let’s start with the geopolitical and economic instability that is unprecedented in human history. There are not only civil and transnational wars in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and elsewhere, but there is the strong potential for a global conflict to escalate into full-blown nuclear and chemical engagement.

As a result of these wars, millions of people are being displaced from their homes and are fleeing to nations that are already struggling economically. There are also currency wars. Trade wars. Race wars. Religious wars. A shadow war between good and evil. It’s not just the external world in conflict either; there’s a war happening within every single one of us where our old ways of thinking and being are evolving into new paradigms of awareness and activism.

The fact remains that individuals are listening to their inner voice which is demanding they wake up to the truths of reality. Each new member is contributing to the tipping point for a bitter-sweet collective awakening; a conscious society has been conceived and is well on its way to being born.

This is further amplified by all the dysfunction that we see in the world today. I guess we could say it’s a blessing in disguise because it’s disturbing people from their slumber. The more that people understand that the capitalist fairy-tale has turned into crony capitalism, banking fraud, political sell-out and multinational tyranny, as well as an increase in wealth inequality, poverty and other socioeconomic disadvantage, the sooner they’ll understand that it has failed our global society.

Collectively, we must embrace our next stage of evolution in which we design our social and economic systems to benefit everybody, not just the self-appointed ruling class.

The outcomes of an increasingly unstable global economy will help drive this home for many more people too. As the economic depression accelerates and more countries enter into recession, more people will lose their jobs and their livelihoods, so they’ll be looking for answers to whose fault it is.

The blame should go to our so-called global leaders — at least partly. Those in public power have been brainwashed by those in shadow power. As a result, they are perpetuating a dying system and are therefore failing to look for alternative solutions to the systemic mess that we’re in. Not only are they incompetent at their job, they also lack the vision to direct us through these turbulent times into a new era of peace for all of humanity.

Money Controls Politics

Every one of us should know that politicians no longer represent the people, they represent big money. Examples that clearly illustrate this include:

The global central banking system is ‘privately’ owned and could be replaced with a community-based, publicly-operated central banking system;
Humanity is enslaved to debt that maintains the control of these banking families, yetremoving their power to create our money in the first place can be instituted by every sovereign nation on earth if they simply choose to;
Banking institutions and bankers all over the world have been proven to rig markets and manipulate pricing for their own gain, but the only country that had the guts to do anything about it was Iceland;
The insane global money-printing bubble is close to bursting, which may take a couple of years to play out, yet there are short-term solutions to mitigate the severity of its impact including QE-for-the-people and Modern Monetary Theory, which are supported by many pioneer economists;
Energy production could be transferred from the multinational monopolies to the renewables industry, as well as infrastructure developed for zero-point and other free-energy technologies;
Industrial agriculture and its use of chemicals is killing our natural systems at an unprecedented rate, when we could simply return to locally organized and footprint-free methods of food production, particularly via ethical models such as permaculture;
The war-on-drugs policy failure has partly continued because of pharmaceutical giants who want the therapeutic and developmental benefits of many of these substances suppressed;
Resources are abundantly available for humanity but are purposely made scarce through people and corporations who claim ownership over them, which means we need a solid method to redistribute material wealth back to the community;
It is unintelligent and immoral to allow the aristocracy to continue to rule over us whilst billions of people struggle to not just put a roof over their head, but also feed and keep themselves healthy; and
The entire capitalist model, built on the evidently-harmful ideologies of materialism, individualism, consumerism, and perpetual economic growth on a finite planet, has failed not just our global society, but also our individual health and happiness; however, it’s not all doom and gloom, there are alternative and more advanced social systems that can replace it such as the Resource Based Economy or Ubuntu.
Unf**k the World!

The reality is, if we want to evolve our society we need to change the way information is disseminated to the public. That means dismantling the matrix-media monopolies and ensuring that the right information gets out to the masses. Of course everybody has the responsibility to be discerning with what they hear, yet (although it is born of frustration) the word “sheeple” didn’t come into existence for no reason.

The mainstream mentality needs to be force-fed information. If so, there would be uproar almost instantaneously, just like with Cecil the lion. The mainstream news pumped that story and within a short moment it seemed like the whole world was up in arms about the death of one lion. That’s right, one lion. Not the 22,000 children that die each day due to the way that we economize our global society, or the thousands of people dying from the unjust wars generated by the military-industrial-politico complex.

Just. One. Lion.

Of course we should honour the life of Cecil, but that’s not the point. This is the power of thematrix-media. There are of course truths woven throughout it, but it’s been proven loud and clear; the so-called elite who control it do so for their own benefit and not for the benefit of you, me and the rest of the 99.9%.

Inspiringly, the collective consciousness of humanity really is waking up, even if it is a slow process. So many people now understand the bigger pictures and greater truths.

The areas that more and more individuals are becoming conscious of don’t just revolve around geopolitics, politics, economics, power structures, multinational madness and alternative social systems, but also the inner divinity that we all share, as well as the spiritual nature of consciousness itself.

In any case, make no mistake about it: one day we will actually unf*ck the world
Hundreds of sightings, abductions and first-hand accounts have made it possible to distinguish several distinct alien species that have been in cahoots with military forces, deciding our future without ever consulting us. Below are the least obscure ones we could find.

1. The Sirians

Hailing from the Sirius B star system, the Sirians are as advanced as they are ancient. Throughout history, they have imparted their knowledge to human civilizations of their choosing. They gifted the ancient Egyptians with medical and astronomical information and the great pyramids and temples are said to have been built with their help.
The Mayans also had a special relationship with the Sirians, who shared information with this enigmatic South American civilization. The extraterrestrial originating from Sirius B are believed to have played a part in the disappearance of the Maya, but not before ensuring they left behind amazing artifacts such as the crystal skulls.
Another earthly civilization that benefited from the Sirian presence were the Atlanteans; it is believed that during the cataclysmic event that sunk Atlantis, the Sirians were instrumental in leading the rescue operations. Other civilizations have been influenced by the Sirians, the most notable case being that of the Dogon tribe of West Africa.
Although they were more involved during our planet’s past, nowadays the Sirians play a more subtle part: technology exchange programs. They are often mentioned in connection with covert or exotic weapons research as well as time travel experimentation.

2. The Short Grays

Also known as the Zeta Reticulums, the Grays are some of the most well-known aliens and commonly depicted throughout alien pop culture. They are the authors of most alien abductions.
According to most descriptions, they stand 3 to 5 feet tall, have bulbous heads and over-sized black eyes. Although they possess a mouth, they seldom speak, as most communication is carried out telepathically. The short Grays are said to be a genetically-engineered worker race that are controlled by their superiors, the Tall Grays. Their telepathic abilities allow them to constitute a type of hive mind consciousness.
Being genetically-designed to carried out scientific missions, the short Grays are emotionless and cruel. They are alo responsible for creating a human-gray hybrid race.

3. The Tall Grays

Standing 7 to 8 feet tall, the Gray Masters are the ambassadors of most meetings between human and alien forces. They are always present at any diplomatic agreements with the global shadow government. Sources claim they originate from a star system in the Orion constellation.
The Tall Grays supervise all abductions and human experiments but are seldom present during these events. They prefer to employ the services of their minions, the Short Grays. As it would seem, they are keen on developing a stable human-gray hybrid race, one worthy of inheriting Earth.
An advanced, self-centered race, they place little value on human life. They consider us their property.

4. The Alpha-Draconians

Reptilian Jupiter Ascending
Corrupt and vicious, the Alpha-Draconians have infiltrated human society thousands of years ago. Although they came to Earth from their colonies on Alpha Draconis, their original home world is unknown.
A decidedly giant reptilian species, they measure anywhere from 14 to 22 feet tall. Weighing an estimated 1,800 pounds, their muscular bodies are covered in green or brown scaly skin. They are an intelligent race, with large heads and reptilian eyes. Some accounts describe them as having tails or even wings.
Contactee Alex Collier says he was allowed to share some details about these extraterrestrials:
The Draconians are the force behind the repression of human populations everywhere in this galaxy, instilling fear-based belief systems and restrictive hierarchies.
[…]they’re extremely clairvoyant and extremely clever, and they can also be extremely sinister.”
The Draconians view themselves as the first intelligent species to evolve in the Milky Way galaxy. Competitive and expansive, they have populated many worlds. Their immense egos allows them to see themselves as the rightful rulers of lesser evolved worlds such as Earth.
Their continuous exploitation of the human race proves they consider us an inferior species.
Reports say there are actually two types of Alpha-Draconians divided into two castes: the giant ones are part of a royal caste called the Ciakar while the smaller ones (8 feet tall) form a well-trained warrior class.

5. The Native Reptilians

Often confused with the warrior caste of the Alpha Draconians, these reptilians are said to be native to Earth. The little information available for this species states that they were originally left behind by the Alpha-Draconians to colonize Earth.
Their interaction with mankind goes back thousands of years, sometimes offering assistance but more often than not using us as a commodity. They have infiltrated almost all aspects of human life and hold positions of power. Reptilians manipulate our elites and rule our institutions and organizations. They built the financial system and influence all religions.
The underground reptilian race is also said to control the media and all corporations. They are behind most crimes against humanity.
 6. The Anunnaki
01 Anunnaki - Earth_1234
An elite race of beings that originated in another galaxy they called Illyuwn. Their home world was a planet called Rizq. When Rizq was destroyed, they built an intergalactic vessel they named Nibiru.
Before heading to Earth, the Anunnaki colonized the planets in the Orion star system. They arrived on Earth almost a million years ago, in search of gold and other valuable minerals that were scarce in the universe, but abundant here.
In need of a workforce, they are said to have created mankind. Through genetic manipulation and in vitro fertilization, they upgraded the genus Homo to sapiens quality. Present on Earth since our inception, the Anunnaki have influenced every aspect of human life. We’ve inherited their patriarchal culture of violence and vengeance, it’s in our engineered DNA.
The Anunnaki are in direct competition with the Draconians for control over mankind. 
It’s comforting to know the ‘gods’ fight for us.

Are you called to live on the leading edge of evolution, awakening new potentials in yourself and incarnating more and more divinity in the world?

Are you willing to live AS love, letting the grace of the Divine direct your life?

If so, you’re already in the process of becoming a true evolutionary. We say “in the process” because the truth is that a true evolutionary never arrives at a final destination – they are ever-evolving, always-learning and constantly expanding to a new level. Always beginners, always free.
As we learn to surrender to the deeper invisible currents that pattern our lives, and to conduct that energy into life, we are literally learning to become the embodiment of evolution itself, always intending to joyfully find new possibilities for the creative expression of eros, love, the impulse of evolution.

To enter this state of evolutionary flow requires becoming more consistently open to the deep, silent presence of your soul. You need to learn to allow the flow of the deepest currents of your soul’s purpose so it can begin to flow tangibly through you into reality.
As you do, the universe begins to conspire to support you. You radiate more grace. You are blessed with more intuitive clarity. You incarnate more love. You embody more transcendent wisdom. You become the head, heart and hands of Spirit – serving as a conduit for Divine energy to work through you to serve the great challenges of our time.
You surrender, not in the sense of giving up, but of humbly opening in the most naked, transparent way you can imagine to the utter magnificence of your soul nature.
That’s because you literally are a reflection of God, a unique embodiment of divinity and an essential expression of life’s higher intelligence.
The real challenge, though, is going beyond recognizing these ideas as metaphysical truths and instead translating them into embodied reality – that manifests in even the most ordinary tasks like washing the dishes or paying your bills or tending to a sick family member, as well as the "greater works" of transformation in our world.
As you open to a relationship with your own soul nature, you’ll begin to see the soul potentials of others. This allows you to behold their beauty, mirror their brilliance and honor their unique embodiment of divinity. And you’ll naturally respond to their humanity with compassion – creating a whole new level of relational potential.
But the only way to do this is by first opening up to the higher octaves of your spirit and the deeper dimensions of your soul – and not just once but again and again and again. It takes practice. Even when you slip into a contracted, anxious, resentful state (as we all sometimes do), practice is possible and it starts with self-compassion. There is always a way to keep coming back and nurture your ability to more fully give the unique gifts that the Divine wants to incarnate through you.
In the journey toward becoming a true evolutionary, an integral vision is indispensable.
It enables you to see the full spectrum of the outer and inner cosmos, inhabit all the dimensions of your own being and understand clearly how you are related to others and the world – shadow and light, heart and soul, interior and exterior, masculine and feminine. You can come to stand at the heart where all the polarities intersect as the dazzling fabric of conscious awareness that is synchronizing and aligning so that you can be a channel through which grace can pour into this world.
To walk this sacred path requires authentic humility, patience, wisdom and skill.
By activating an integral vision of your path, you mobilize a new form of intelligence in your life – one that gives you access to more clarity and more empathy at the same time. You begin to feel Truth in a whole-bodied, visceral way. You learn to navigate complex situations with more clarity and greater sensitivity. You begin to feel an ecstatic current of divine presence pouring through your body and mind in a way that makes you magnetic to what you most want to create in your life and what “It” wants to create with you.
Join us for an illuminating hour that will help you open the door to becoming a true evolutionary on an ever-evolving path of surrender, embodiment and love.
Discover the keys to accessing your higher guidance and creating a clear, open channel that supports you in walking your path with confidence, living your purpose with grace, and knowing your role in the world with crystal clarity. 
 For many people, receiving intuition and higher guidance is a sporadic, almost miraculous occurrence. You may have rare moments when an intuitive knowing comes to you, helping you make a choice or move into action in a unique way. Or perhaps you experience synchronicity at random times, when things unfold with such perfection that it feels like part of some deeper plan. These moments are fortuitous blessings, to be honored and accepted whenever they happen to come. 

 You can learn how to make this deeper guidance a daily, foundational part of how you live. You can learn to access higher wisdom whenever you desire (and especially when you most need it)! Rather than a vague feeling to guide you, you could have long conversations in words that answer your deepest and most perplexing questions. This does not require years of spiritual practice or intuitive training. Removing the natural blocks to an open channel is a simple procedure that you can learn to do anytime. All you need are a few key understandings and easy-to-use tools. How might your life be different if you had a clear source of information that allowed you to know what to do and when to create the life you’re meant to live? 
 Receiving guidance from beyond your ego is your birthright, and with simple and profound practices and skills, you can cultivate your personal connection to this higher wisdom. With this connection, you can set a precise compass for your life, navigate the most challenging relationship dynamics, manifest potent new business strategies, and affect the world in more profound ways. If you could access higher guidance at any time, you could move through life like the master you are meant to be. A renowned teacher will share with you the proven, practical system for accessing higher guidance that he has taught to thousands of people, from CEOs to coaches, in this groundbreaking event. l change agents. His methods go beyond divination or unverifiable new age channeling, bringing a rigor to this work that is unprecedented. 

 Far more than a teleseminar, this is a virtual initiation into the depths of your latent potentials and a doorway to a new way of living that is more fulfilling, purposeful and divinely connected. You need never be without higher guidance again. 
 Be prepared to touch a whole new level of what is possible for your clarity, your impact in the world, and your experience of being held by higher wisdom.

Receive profound new insights and teachings for how to connect more deeply to the natural world and access wisdom for health, well-being and
personal transformation.

Have you ever felt a deep sense of peace while sitting in nature or tending to your garden?
Have you marveled at the sheer beauty and diversity of plants and their often miraculous ability to heal our bodies and minds?

Have you been fascinated by the way essential oils and herbs can affect your moods and shift your consciousness?
Questions like these begin to lead us toward a profound new understanding, one that links our biology, our ecology, the growth of our consciousness and our felt sense of connection with all of life.
They point the way to a kind of spiritual awakening that is grounded, earthy and sustainable, one where we become more intimately interconnected with the intelligence of nature in a very tangible way.
It’s all about recognizing the links between plants and our spiritual evolution, something that has been deeply studied in ancient systems of natural healing such as botanical medicine, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.
This subject is not just the province of mystics, shamans and natural medicine practitioners but is increasingly vital for all of us to maintain healthy bodies and a thriving Earth. That’s because our planet is in ecological crisis at least partially because we have grown to see ourselves as separate and “above” nature in a way that leads us to be destructive, wasteful and neglectful, not to mention unhealthy and unhappy.
Instead, when we can connect with the deep sentience, wisdom and healing power within the plant kingdom, our eyes are opened to new realms of knowledge, and we come home to our bodies and lives in a different way. To grow a healthier culture we need to deepen our roots by connecting to the biological realities which allow us to grow in a way that is sustainable.
As you begin to experience your biological unity with the plant kingdom, you begin an exciting voyage in consciousness that will open you up to a new understanding of medicinal herbs, aromatherapy, meditation and spirituality.
Plants are the translator between the raw energy of the sun and the nutrients we need for life. By understanding them in a more multi-dimensional way, we open up a deeper cosmological view and a more dynamic relationship with the life force around us. We cultivate more prana or chi. We harmonize our bodily systems. We heal old traumas.
There is perhaps no better guide for this excursion into a new paradigm of relating to the plant kingdom than Floracopeia founder, who unifies wisdom from many streams of healing practices into a coherent understanding.
For more than 30 years we're pioneered a path that is about harnessing the power of plants to infuse more intelligence in your body, mind and soul – giving you a more organic wisdom and sustainable connection with life.
During this fascinating one hour program, we will show you how to relate more deeply with medicinal plants for rejuvenation, awakening and health.

Check out this excellent diagram that maps how world religions have changed and developed, from the beginning of history to now

We have an incredible image of the Evolutionary Tree of Myth and Religion, which depicts the development of religions throughout history, from 100,000 BCE to 2000 CE, and covering several different geographic regions—European, African, Semitic, Iranian, Indian, East Asian, Arctic, North American, South American, New Guinean/Australian and Oceanic.
If it all looks a bit like a tech tree from Civilization V, that’s OK—religions develop over time as groups react to their changing environment and circumstances, as well as develop more scientific understanding of the world and their place in it. Religions are ways that large groups of people mythologize and give meaning to their life experience, and maintain a group narrative that can be incredibly powerful, particularly in times of adversity where blind faith can sometimes be the best possible reaction to difficult circumstances.
Some theorists—particularly the Integral school that stems from Sri Aurobindo, Jean Gebser and Ken Wilber—have posited that religions (and all human knowledge) advance in an upward spiral of development. While elegant, the theory has the downside of offending everybody whose religion is not at the top of the pile. 
You can click on the image  to expand it.