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I have a fun pop quiz for you this morning...

"When you're trying to build your wealth, you should
(1) cut back on your spending so you can save more and
(2) put every dime possible toward eliminating any debt you

True or false?

If you've watched the "Financial Freedom Formula" webinar
that Peak Potentials hosted on August 23rd, you know that
the answer is false.

(Haven't watched it yet? Do it now:

Here's why ...

Putting every dime toward reducing your debt puts your
focus on your debt! And it's a universal law that "what you
focus on expands."

Yikes! You don't want that, so instead of focusing on your
debt ... focus instead on growing your income.

At the same time, it's essential to reward yourself with
"fun" money. Think of your ego like a golden retriever. It
needs rewards for its good behavior ... or it may just rebel.
Of course, this doesn't mean to go wild with your spending.
You won't achieve financial freedom if you're up to your
eyeballs in debt.

Don't worry, though ... you'll learn the right way to divvy
up your money so your debt gets eliminated, your ego
stays happy, you grow your nest egg and much more...

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Watch the replay of "Financial Freedom Formula" here:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

You'll also discover:
* The 6-part money management system that will help
you eliminate debt and create financial freedom
* The most commonly overlooked reason you haven't
achieved financial freedom ... and the surprisingly easy
way to fix it (hint: this one has nothing to do with how you
manage your money)
* What you must have first if you want to be free to do
whatever you want with your time ... without worrying about
earning a living
* The 2 primary sources of income that you can develop -
without working - and which is best for you
* Tricks for properly calculating what it will really take
to support your desired lifestyle 
* Why spending money is essential to financial freedom...
and the must-follow rule about how and when you must spend it
* The deadly mistake that many business owners make
with their income ... and the critical change that can triple the
speed with which you achieve financial freedom
* 2 proven approaches for couples to manage their money...
and tips to ensure that neither partner feels resentful
* The right way to divide your investment money to properly
manage risk
* What you must prove you can do before you'll be able
to attract more money
* Why putting every dime you can find toward paying off
your debt is a huge mistake (in fact, it dramatically increases
your chances of ending up back in debt)
* And much more!

Get all this and more when you watch the replay here:

Warning: Much of what you learn during "Financial Freedom
Formula" may surprise you or even run counter to what you've
been taught.

Here's why ... most people don't know how to achieve
financial freedom. They may know how to save for retirement.
But I don't agree that cutting back your lifestyle to live off the
nest egg you've accumulated is the way to live.

If your parents didn't know how to achieve financial freedom,
how could they teach you? That's right - they couldn't!
If you're serious about building the passive income you
need to easily afford your dream lifestyle while also making
work 100% optional ... it's essential that you do two things:

1. Develop the mindset you need to be wealthy
2. Model the skills that the wealthy already have

You can do both at the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

This fun and information-packed weekend training seminar
will help you master the inner game of wealth by participating
in fun and life-changing exercises. These activities will help
you shift the powerful beliefs and hidden blocks that are
sabotaging your success - including the beliefs around
your ability to achieve success.

You'll also master the outer game of wealth, discovering
practical business strategies and what works today to earn
money and build wealth. You'll learn even more about the
6-step money management system that Adam shared
during "Financial Freedom Formula" ... plus dozens of
strategies for earning more money to manage!

What makes Peak's events different is that the shifts you
make during the event won't be temporary. You absolutely
will NOT go home on a seminar "high" ... only to find
yourself back in the same stuck place a few weeks later.

They use advanced learning technologies to change you
at a cellular level. So the shifts you make stick for a lifetime.

The best part? Your participation in the Millionaire Mind
Intensive is absolutely free.

Continue your education and learn more about how to
achieve financial freedom. Accept your complimentary
ticket here >>

To your success,
Self Empowerment Academy:

P.S. The Millionaire Mind Intensive is coming to a city
near you. Click here to reserve your guest pass>>

Here's what recent MMI grads have to say about their

"Since I attended your program one year ago, my net
worth has skyrocketed! Last year my net worth was
about $90,000, now it is close to half a million. I can't
thank you enough."
--Catherine Hallock

"Eighteen months ago, we were over $150,000 in debt.
We are now debt-free and we own two companies worth
over a quarter of a million dollars."
--Daniel Donaghy

"At the age of 18, I attended my first Millionaire Mind
Intensive. Now, 19 months later, I'm 20, financially free,
and make over 5 figures a month in passive income.
Your courses have helped me manifest my dream life!"
--Trinity de la Cruz

"Within 3-4 days after attending the seminar, I received
the largest check I've ever received to date. And now,
almost 2 weeks later, there is cash left over and my
next check will be here in a couple of days."
--Jody Weigel

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