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What if the most powerful tool for your healing and transformation was your own breath?

Breathing, whether we do it consciously or not, is our life force. A newborn takes her first breath. A dying man exhales for the last time. At the end of each life, there is only breath.
And yet, caught up in our frantic schedules, work, family, and yes, even personal growth activities, so many of us forget to simply breathe. We lose touch with ourselves, our bodies, our world.

When we do slow down and notice our breath, life changes. We get calmer, our minds clear, we feel more connected to ourselves, a higher power, and to the people we love. Many of us experience a deep sense of “oneness” that radiates out from within and into the world.
That’s why we’re delighted to bring you The Breathwork Summit - a free 4-day virtual event completely dedicated to the use of your breath for healing your own life and transforming our world.

4 Days of Breathwork Insights, Techniques and Tools

Each day The Breathwork Summit brings you best practices and new research in medicine, personal development and spiritual awareness - all focused on harnessing the power of your breath.
Transformational leader Gay Hendricks kicks off this exciting summit, with daily keynotes by Jack Kornfield, Stanislav Grof, Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr, Dr. Dan Siegel and other top pioneers of breathwork.

Are You Using 100% Of Your Lung Capacity?

The truth is, most people only use 50% of their lung capacity. Becoming aware of your breath and applying simple, but powerful techniques helps you tap into the other 50% - to maximize the healing of your body, mind and spirit.
Harnessing the breath for healing and transformation takes commitment, focus and the right tools. Which is exactly what The Breathwork Summit offers - all from the most respected leaders in this pioneering field.

Experience Healing on a Cellular Level

Besides calming the mind and body, conscious breathing can help unblock and resolve painful, energy-draining emotions, trauma and conflicts. Stress dissipates, your mind becomes sharper, and your body and spirit connect more strongly to the life force.
Harnessing the power of your breath increases your capacity for joy, peace and love and deep, permanent healing on a cellular level.

Deepen Your Journey By Breathing More Deeply

But when you begin to breathe consciously, through techniques such as Holotropic Breathwork, Radiance Breathwork, Integrative Breathing, Mindful Breathing, and other modalities, you begin to integrate all aspects of ourselves, and thus, begin to accept and embrace the world around you. From here, you can become a true agent of change.

Make a Profound Shift, One Breath at a Time

Breath has the power to heal, and transform us - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Think of it: Inhale + exhale = transformation.
Inspiration literally means “the act of breathing in.” Breathwork tools and techniques not only help heal our bodies, they can also open doors to new and deeper levels of creativity and spirituality.
At this critical moment in human history, our very breath can open the door for us to become more vibrant, loving, creative, and responsible beings.

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