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Perhaps you’re wondering how to approach life’s painfully serious situations, such as you or a loved one is facing a terminal illness, or you have to go through a divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or perhaps even contemplating suicide.  Life is divine chaotic organization, which makes it both easy and challenging.  We each came here to go through some very intense emotional experiences which push us deeper inside ourselves.  This is the only way we get beyond our busy ego/mind and its need to control every aspect of life.  Painful heart wrenching emotional experiences force us to become extremely connected to our spiritual path,  and eventually reach the God Source.   Your pain is meant to break the ego open, to open your heart so that your mind follows along and opens to the Divine.  The pain is meant to make you dig deep down in yourself, creating roots in your being so that you get grounded in God.
The best way to deal with these serious emotional times is to go with them, into them, and through them until you’re out the other side.  In fact, that’s the only way.  This inner journey requires that you trust in this divine loving Source, know it is always here, encouraging you to breathe, relax, and remember that you are lovable.  They say that which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.  What they didn’t tell you is that death is what makes life so juicy and alive!  Endings are always new beginnings and there is a divine reason behind every experience you have throughout your entire life!  If you can take this more enlightened approach to life, you’ll find the lightness around your heart becomes ten times brighter the week after you’ve made it through the darkest night of the soul.
If your mind is seriously addicted to drama, and you cannot find any way out, start practicing the attitude of gratitude.  What are you truly thankful for?  Make a list and check it twice. Think about these ideas all day long.  Eventually, this exercise will liberate you from the seriousness disease.  Once you start living in appreciation mode, the mind naturally wants to focus on what you are thankful for in each moment.  Then the serious disease has to leave your life.  The heart opens huge with gratitude and the over-analyzing critical worrying ego takes a long needed vacation. 
The best advice I can give you is whenever you can, be non-serious.  Be light, playful and laugh as often as you can!  Let everyone else pretend that life is serious, yet do not walk into the gallows with them!  Be sincere in who you are, yet don’t be serious about what you find.  Everything comes and goes….everything.  And when it comes down to it, real integrity in life is only between you and God.  It has nothing to do with your ego or others opinions of your ego.  The ego is a lot like a shadow, something that is lacking true lightness.  It’s basically a figment of your imagination so why buy into its serious love affair.  When you weave a more light hearted approach into your daily adventure, you will start discovering the secret to really enjoying your life is oh so very simple. 
Every person you know who is unhappy is addicted to seriousness.  They are also deeply trapped in their ego/mind.  They are resisting, denying, suppressing or addicted to the darkness/pain they are in, and so they are constantly attempting to get somewhere "better" instead of resting with the pain, giving it love, and being with what is.  Serious people have forgotten how to trust life, and that this very moment is the ONLY place where the God Source can be experienced.  Once this Source is made more important than the ego trip, the most ecstatic blissful divine experience of life will find you.  The most fun-loving healing juicy energy is available in this very moment, and will enter you instantly when you drop all seriousness from your mind and future completely.
 Discovering God is the goal of your life.  It is why you are here, having to live your life.  Once the mind surrenders to this real goal and truth, then you have a chance to be free.   Knowing God is laughter, lightness and freedom.  As long as seriousness is there, the God Source is pushed onto the back burner, and you’ve just delayed your experience of real bliss.  One day the mind has to give up, it has to surrender to trust, and see the bigger picture in each new moment.  You don’t HAVE TO give up your serious attitude completely to find total ecstasy, you GET TO!  Discovering this attitude is the essential secret to transform heavy seriousness into enlightened sincerity and having all suffering instantly disappear. 

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