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Activate Your Dormant DNA

Quickly – Easily – Gracefully

Did you know that…

  • Your brain is an organic computer?
  • Your mind is the software. Your DNA is the database.
  • Your cell membranes are holographic projectors.
  • Your self-identity program (ego) was completed by age 7.
  • Your whole system can be upgraded.

When you upgrade your programming, you will:

  • Uninstall fear, judgment, limitation, struggle and pain programming.
  • Install your Highest True Self consciousness programmed for 
compassion, joy, unity and abundance.
The process involves listening to a guided meditation, once a week for 12 weeks. It works even if you have no prior success with meditation. You’ll be a completely different person when you finish and may even wonder how you got this far in life with your old programming running the show.

“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.
~~ Albert Einstein 

Upgrade Every Aspect of Your Life:
  • Make Peace With Your Past
  • Release Negative Patterns
  • Transform Fear Into Love
  • Master Conscious Response-Ability
  • Heal Your Pain Body
  • Balance Heart and Mind
  • Express Soul Authenticity
  • Integrate Polarity
  • Reunite With Your Twin Flame
  • Download Your True Self Identity
  • Manifest Your Paradise

YOU are the most advanced computer system on the planet.

Like any computer system, you operate from what you’ve learned. Years of old school thinking has given you a set of LIMITING beliefs, keeping you away from UNLIMITED potential. With a simple “upgrade” you’ll not only be able to break free from the limitations of old thinking, you will literally become a whole new you. It’s like an upgrade to your home computer, only deeper You upgrade your computer with new software and hardware to do more and be more, why not do to the same to the most valuable computer there is… YOU! Never thought of yourself as a computer before?

Well, just consider these facts:

Your Brain is an Organic Computer

Processing 400 billion bits of information per second (while we’re only conscious of 2,000 at a time) through trillions of cells. Each cell has its own built-in instructions, constantly communicating at unimaginable speeds through the millions of electrical circuits and chemical pathways of your body.

Your Thoughts are the Software

Your conscious experience all depends on how you process memories, feelings and images. It’s a combination of your opinions, beliefs and perspective that trigger your bio-chemical or neurological reactions.

Your DNA is the Database

Your DNA holds all the instructions that tell your cells how to form your body. It stores your mental beliefs, attitudes and all your memories (conscious and subconscious). It stores the unexpressed emotions from all your experiences. And that is just this lifetime. You also inherit genetics, memories and unexpressed emotions from your ancestors, all of which gets stored in your subconscious.

Your Cells are Holographic Projectors

Science has shown that the brain doesn’t store individual images in one place, but rather bits and pieces in different parts then reassembles them, along with smell, touch, taste, etc. to help us “interpret” what is happening right now. That’s why so many people “see” things differently.

You’re Connected to Every Other Computer System in the World Through a Wireless Network

Science is moving from the Unified Field Theory to the Unified Field Fact; finally acknowledging how everything is connected. “Activation” connects you to the network.  So you will experience a much higher degree of synchronicity as common intentions in the network always put you in touch with the right person, or right situation, at the right time.


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