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✦ ✦ Unlabelled ✦ Pulsed Electro magnetic Field Therapy utilized as EMF Protection

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Current electromagnetic field safety (EMF protection) research confirms that urban man needs protection from EMF pollution due to its detrimental effect on the neurological system.  These detrimental effects are primarily due to EMF's high frequency (which is out of the normal range of our neurological system) and because of the brain's frequency following response. These detrimental fields tend to raise the brain's frequency to unnaturally high rate (a swing of +3 Hz would theoretically wipe out all delta activity) thereby deleteriously affecting brain's ability to reach REM stage sleep state (delta wave range).
If you use cell phone regularly, 900 MHz - 2.4 GHz cordless phones, work on (or next door/downstairs from) wireless computer networks, work (or go to school) in vicinity of power lines, radio towers or cellular base stations (especially members of police, military), or are IT professional; you owe it to self and family to read these precautionary studies linked directly to NIH confirming  detrimental psychological and neurological effects including sleep disturbance (or full-blown insomnia), migraine / headache syndromes, depression, disorientation, confusion and muscle twitch. You should not live, work or go to school within 1000 feet of cellular base stations.
You can protect from and reverse detrimental EMF effects with EarthPulse pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

We present anecdotal evidence supporting beneficial effects of EarthPulse™ pulsed magnetic field therapy device and methods utilizing milligauss pulsed electromagnetic fields to protect against and reverse detrimental effects of microwave (cell phone), radio and power frequency EMF; as well as to balance energy fields in the body where central nervous system imbalances has resulted in sleep disturbance, migraine/headache, depression, disorientation, muscle-twitch or full blown motor and cognitive dysfunction.
In the case of healthy-athletic individuals, EarthPulse substantially enhances rest, recovery, flexibility, concentration, perception, coordination and physical output thereby greatly enhancing strength to weight ratio and overall athletic ability.  Whether your passion is meditation, golf, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, surfing, weightlifting, wrestling,... EarthPulse pulsed electro magnetic field will enhance your performance or your money back.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Enhances Athletic Performance
In the quest for advanced human performance enhancement, EarthPulse Technologies has successfully developed astonishing new technology utilizing very low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields to positively impact clients' sleep and pulsed electromagnetic
                      field therapy pain recovery, substantially enhance strength to weight ratio, stamina, and flexibility. EarthPulse™ allows body to sharpen spatial orientation and balance, and hand-eye coordination

EarthPulse™ will enhance just about anyone's physical performance. Typical strength and stamina gains of  7-10% peak strength and 20% stamina  within 7-10 days.

Unlike steroids which carry financial, health and regulatory risk, EarthPulse™ is safe, covert and will greatly impact your recovery and strength to weight ratio. If you're professional or world-class athlete how much would that be worth to your bottom line? EarthPulse pulsed electromagnetic field therapy enhances strength, stamina and recovery in athletic individuals.
EarthPulse does not affect body weight, so significantly increases stregth/weight ratio.
EarthPulse will increase in your bench press 7% - 10% within  7 - 10 days guaranteed or your money back. 
The magnetic field of the planet (and its pulsed magnetic component) is weakening and being overshadowed by electromagnetic man-made pollution. So, we have created a novel, geomagnetic field supplementation device and methods utilizing pulsed electromagnetic field energy to correct the effects of this natural magnetic field deficit.

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