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How to go about finding the perfect partner in your life is something that many people ask, and if you look on the internet you will find thousands of articles and products that promise to allow you to do this.

The problem is almost all of them fail to deliver. Just look around you and find people who are truly happy in the relationship they have with a partner.

We want different partners at different times and in order to allow us to feel many different emotions. Right now you may want someone who looks sexually attractive and is good in bed, who others will also find desirable and attractive. Just a nice trinket on your arm, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Here and now that is great, but they probity will not make a good long term partner. You will change and so will they, can you grow together and make changes?“

Why your
girlfriend won’t make a good wife is an article I wrote some time ago that did attract a lot of feedback.

At the moment you may want a partner for emotional reasons, someone to love me, take care of me, to make me happy, to be my soulmate. I want a husband or wife to make me feel complete, because I want to be a mother or father.

Again nothing wrong with that as long as you and the other person are OK with being used, and are willing to be an emotional crutch in order to support someone else's emotional insecurities and shortcomings.

Accepting that someone else’s happiness depends on you, and that they will expect you to behave as if they have no emotional responsibility for their own emotional life, will cause you and them much hardship in the future.

The problem with relationships is that we usually do not give them much thought and be selective and choose the type of person we want to get intimate with and share parts of our life with.

We also give very little thought to who we will have to become. For a short term relationship this is not a problem however, for longer ones we have some thinking and soul searching to do. Well at least if we want great ones.
So how do you improve your chances of being truly fulfilled in a relationship?
It is really very simple and no different to what you would do in order to have a profitable successful and mutually beneficial business relationship. Ouch.
Know what you want. Discover if you have the skills and resources you need. If not get them. Find out what the other expects from you. Are you willing to meet the requirements? What compromises will you have to make?
So lets begin.
The first part is knowing what you want. This is all about the most important thing on this planet. You. It must be about what you want. Also remember that as you evolve and get older what you want will change, so that what you want at thirty, or forty, or fifty or sixty may well be totally different from you current desires and goals.
Girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, wife or husband?
Once you have decided then you need to make a list of the qualities this person will need to have. This may run to many pages twenty or thirty so this is a detailed project.

You want the kind of personality they will have, the attitudes they run life by, what beliefs and philosophies will they need to live by? Attitudes to sex and money, What is the past conditioning they have lived by, the tastes? interests and hobbies, and of course what kind of family they have along with religion and culture? If it is a long term partnership you are looking for you will also need life goals and expected outcomes.
Next thing to do.
Look at your list and ask yourself, and this does require a lot of self honesty.
Do I have these qualities and habits and opinions,? Because you also will be asking a very important questions of yourself.

What kind of partner would someone who has all these amazing personal qualities, be attracted to? What are they looking for? What would they want from me? Why would they choose me to go into partnership with them?

You make a long list of all the traits, qualities, behaviours, attitudes and characteristics that you assumed a person of this caliber would be looking for.
Next thing to do.
Become that person. Thats right you have to become the type of person you will need to be to attract that kind of person into your life. Then you will also have to factor in what you will have to do in order to keep them there. All relationships that are worth anything require work, hard work that can be a lot of fun.

So now you are beginning to understand what is required to find the perfect partner in life. If it seams like a lot of work, Guess it is but look at the amazing lifestyle you will get from it. The amount of joy and happiness, the level of intimacy. It is well worth the price.

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