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Spiritual metaphysics is not a replacement for religion, but an extension of traditional belief systems. By embracing metaphysical spirituality, you forge an even closer link with the universal creator.  Once you understand some core principles in this philosophy, you’ll also see that it will empower you to discover your life purpose and fulfill your life’s dreams.

Embrace your God consciousness

If God is the source of the universe, then we are the different facets of God. Because we are exactly like the source from which we come – a source of energy. Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed, which is what happens when our physical body dies. This is how our souls live on eternally; our consciousness is transformed to energy that flows from our bodies and back into the universe.
We all have varying degrees of consciousness, but as you grow into your God consciousness, the closer you will walk with your creator.

Embrace your power

Because we are each part of the source of all universal power, we have power over our own lives as well.
We have the tools to seek out inner guidance through our connection with the source. The path to self-discovery is laid out before us, and all we have to do is take those first tentative steps toward enlightenment.
Growth and expansion are laws of the universe. We can either expand by choice, making decisions that move us toward goals and our divinity, or we can expand, kicking and screaming, by responding to crises in our lives.
Once you’re connected with your own inner guidance system, you’ll confront life’s day-to-day challenges with confidence.

Embrace your journey

For all of us, the true journey leads us back to God. Inspiration, introspection and intuition will all work together as we discover our higher consciousness. That consciousness has the power to make our dreams a reality and give us a measure of control over the direction our life takes.
That is the path to the ultimate self-discovery, that we are a personalized spark of divinity intended to be co-creators with God, just like God.
Spiritual metaphysics is the study of that which is non-physical, but it’s so much more: Its principles can lead you to your birthright and a higher existence

We reached a new milestone yesterday and it would not have been possible without the collective help of you all

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