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Angels Healing Angels The Rainbow Angels
A "healing vision" can be one of the most profound healing experiences available to a person.
But where do healing visions come from, and what are they? And how can you get your own healing vision back?

 A "Vision" Of Healing? | Where Does A Healing Vision Come From? | Why Is A Vision Healing? | How Can I Have A Healing Vision?  | Visonary Healing Is Personal Healing | Healing Vision References & Further Reading

A "Vision" Of Healing?

Many people think that when the word "vision" in the metaphysical context is being used that we are talking about internal representations of "seeing" with the eyes closed - a picture or an image.
In fact, what is meant by "vision" in that sense is more an experience.
A vision has all the qualities of a lucid dream.
You don't just "see" like you normally do, but you see more, further, wider, deeper; you also "see connections" between events and you "see" time in context. These are cognitive functions of understanding, which is essentially different from just "looking".
But there's even more to it than that.
A good vision has sound. It has texture. It has feelings. You are absolutely there, and you have thoughts, insights, understandings AND the power to act and influence your environment. A vision is a full body experience in an alternate reality -  like a lucid dream.

Where Does A Healing Vision Come From?

In the StarFields terminology, visions come from the energy mind. We use that term in preference to older terms, such as unconscious mind, subconscious mind, dreaming mind and so forth because it is more accurate, less emotionally disturbed and it makes much more sense.
The energy mind sends streams of data to our consciousness; when we become aware of these energetic data streams, we have a vision.
We have a full body experience as described above, and we come away from this experience enriched, enlivened, often in deep awe, and with brand new information.
But where does the energy mind get its information from, where do the data streams originate?
And that's the fine thing about the energy mind.
Visions give us communications both from intrapersonal sources - things we know but didn't know we knew and understood consciously! - but it also gives us transpersonal information, and that is information from outside of us.
Energy minds can read reality much more in depth than our conscious minds do. The energy mind sees, feels, hears and understands much more than we consciously do by looking, thinking and judging.
But the energy mind can also make contact with outside intelligence - other people's energy minds, for example; and energy based memories that have become inscribed into reality, such as the "collective archetypes" and "akashic records"; in our terminology we call these things thoughtfields, and powerfields if they are collections of many.

Why Is A Vision Healing?

It is fascinating to observe that sickness if often the result of lack of information, and because we think wrong about the nature of ourselves and of the universe.
Healing visions function in two ways at the same time.
Firstly, the healing vision reconciles - it explains what went wrong, and the healing vision may well point the way to a cure or a resolution in a most practical sense. But possibly more importantly still, it is in the very ACT of HAVING A VISION that we are healed by the act itself.
We find solace, comfort and an enormous source of strength from inside of ourselves, when we previously thought we were alone, hopeless and helpless.
Further, visions connect us to the greater reality of the living universe, and with the flow of energy comes a flow of life, of love of life, of understanding and compassion, of joy and of awe at the sheer beauty and amazing expansion of it all.
This is truly an amazing experience, a wonderfully HEALING experience. It gives us hope, not just for resolving whatever sickness has befallen us, but it gives us hope on a much grander scale. We begin to think about life after death, about our soul, and a much wider, grander journey in the universe - all visions, and not just healing visions, can prove to be life changing, life HEALING, in the most profound way imaginable.

How Can I Have A Healing Vision?

To be able to stream information from your own energy mind is one of the greatest gifts the creative order has endowed us human beings with. It is not a special talent, or something reserved for the few - every person can do this, it is built in and comes as standard with every human being, if they know this or not.
Unfortunately, most people never even try; and societies are structured the world over so that these abilities are confined to the power elites that write the stories and songs, create politics and religions. Visionary abilities are not encouraged at a young age; if they were, we would have a great many more visionaries, and our buildings would look prettier, and be far more functional as well.
What has to happen for any person who wants to receive the data streams from their very own energy mind once more, those multi-dimensional messages that are known as "visions", are two things.
One is the will to have it be so; and the second is to spend the time to practice asking questions and opening up to receive the answers.
This is not as difficult as it sounds, especially if we use energy based approaches to clear away some of the barriers of the ages.
We have been conditioned to be afraid of the energy data streams, the visions; we need to undo this conditioning so that we can step into lucid  clarity, and internal integration.
There are three practical tools I recommend highly.
The first is EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques to dissolve the barriers of pain and fear that keep our conscious mind detached from the healing vision and data stream of our very own energy mind.
The second is to practice "Image Streaming", a simple technique created by Dr Wenger, on a regular basis, and to support this with EFT, by dealing with any fears, negative responses and reversals you might experience in the beginning.
The third is to learn about Project Sanctuary, a device I created to bridge the gap between the conscious mind and the energy mind, and to allow us to ask questions in safety, then open up to receive the healing vision that is the answer.

Visonary Healing Is Personal Healing

Over the ages, many have taken their own visions of healing to the world - this is where Reiki, EmoTrance, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and just about every other "visionary" healing approach has come from.
Of course.
But please understand that YOU, yes, really, YOU, who is reading this article, CAN DO THIS TOO.
Every human being can - it is their birthright.
And there is NOTHING more healing than YOUR OWN VISION OF HEALING.
There is nothing more wondrous, or miraculous than when the healing vision comes from you, flows through  you, and it is YOUR OWN vision.
People work hard to "pay for" expensive medication that in the end is no solution to their overall problems; if people would work just 1% that hard to regain, to get back their own internal vision generators and have them come online again, their world, and our world, would be a totally different place.

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