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"Discover How The Secret Of Harnessing Your Sexual Energy Can Make You More Powerful, Dynamic, Energized, Motivated, Spiritually Evolved & Virtually Unstoppable"

These are just a few of the signs that you might not be transmuting or harnessing your energy, or that you have an imbalance between your masculine and feminine energy.
But, What if I Told You that You Can be More Dynamic,
Full of Energy, Focused, Spiritually Connected, and
Confident in Yourself with a Few Easy Steps?
Completely FreeNow, I completely understand if you feel a bit skeptical about these grand claims and, to be perfectly honest, I'd be quite surprised if you didn't!
There are a lot of very hyped-up theories out there that sound great when you read them on paper or hear them in some midnight self-help T.V. programme, but when it comes to applying the techniques, they usually don’t bring the results you’re looking for.
I know you'd expect me to say this, but I'll say it anyway because comes from a place of heartfelt and genuine truth... the techniques you can learn from me really DO work. They are proven to bring amazing results - over and over.
So yes, of course, I have business-related reasons why I want you to enrol on this programme. But more than anything I want you to enrol so that you too can reap the benefits, and turn your life around in exactly the ways that you choose and you want.

“You’re About to Hear Something that Can Radically Transform Your Life …” 
Listen up, the BIGGEST and MOST INFLUENTIAL energy that I’m talking about - it’s the one that you and I have inside of us directing our lives…
And it’s called “Sexual Energy.”
MET lotusThink about this for a while, since we are all born sexual beings, and, believe it or not, sexuality or sexual energy rules each and every one of us. Every action that we make, every thought, every cell in our bodies, every stimulus that we feel…it’s always determined by our sexual energy. Now, how powerful is that?
Well, bearing in mind that sexual energy can catapult you to ecstasies, make politicians risk their jobs, and make people betray their friends and family, I’d say that it is something bigger than the whole universe.
In fact, I do believe that it moves the universe.
But, you see, there’s a serious problem behind all of this.
This BIG energy can be a double-edged knife. Let’s use an analogy: this knife can help you to cut vegetables, but if you use it wrong, you will cut your own hand.
For example, if you’re a man and you have unharnessed sexual energy, other people can feel that you have feelings of sleaziness. And, believe it or not, women can always notice this, even if you’re a gentleman!
Some time ago, I had a friend who suffered from this problem. He acted like a gentleman and was always very polite to women, yet time and time again he was rejected.
He didn’t know exactly why, but he had a lot of sexual energy compressed inside of him and women instantly noticed that, and put him in the “caution - sleazy guy” zone. Trust me - it’s a zone that you don’t want to be in.
On the other hand, women with unharnessed sexual energy can be perceived by others as exhibiting slutty behavior, even if they are behaving politely and normally.
This is what’s happening nowadays - people just don’t know how to channel and take advantage of this pure energy. Instead they just waste it, with disastrous consequences for their life.
If You Want to be Completely Happy and Enjoy
the Beauty of Being Free in Your Life,
You Must Harness ALL of Your Sexual Energy…
Sexual energy plays a big role in our lives, but we also have other “sub-energies” working stealthily in our bodies…
Yin Yang balanceAs you may know, the world is made by “dualities.” In other words, where there is a woman, there is a man. Where there is water, there is fire. Where there is obscurity, there is light.
So, did you know that even if you’re a man (or a woman), you have feminine and masculine energies acting in your body?
Yes - and if there is an imbalance between them, you have problems knocking at your behavior’s door.
For example, if you have too much feminine energy, this can cause you to start projects and never finish them (chaotic thinking). You can feel very susceptible sometimes, and you can even find yourself being controlled by others!
On the other side, if you have too much masculine energy boiling inside you, it means that you can’t be flexible with your thinking and your behavior (remember, being flexible is critical in order to live a normal life).
Have you ever asked yourself why sometimes you can’t handle changes in your life? Well, you can blame it on having too much masculine energy inside you.
All this sounds too pessimistic, I know, but these are the kinds of problems that we’re facing every day in our modern society. A lot of people are confused, exhausted, sexually frustrated, experiencing emotional problems and so on…
Fortunately, that’s why I’m here today… to share very good news with you.
You’re going to see that the daily problems that you’re experiencing can be solved once and for all,
and finally you’ll get the life that you deserve. 
You’ll be Experiencing Magical Bliss 24 Hours a Day!

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