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“Spirit Guides”

Spirit guides are one group of your Spiritual Support Team. The others are angels, deceased loved ones, and nature spirits. A spirit guide is simply an entity like you or I, except they reside on the Other Side. Their job is to help a person perfect while incarnate on Earth. Most of us have been, or will be, a spirit guide for someone.

The purpose of a spirit guide is to nudge, suggest, research, and encourage the person they are guiding through life. They help us get to the next level of achievement, whether it is a higher spiritual understanding, a new artistic accomplishment, or another stage in our career. They usually operate on a person's subconscious, and they are often the actual "voice of conscience" people refer to. They can impart knowledge in dreams, as a nagging conscience, a flash of words in the mind, or even a voice in the ear on rare occasion. A spirit guide will help you follow your chosen plan.

Unlike the angels, spirit guides appear only when necessary. Think of them like temporary guardians: they come to you during a specific phase, crisis, or challenge in your life; make sure you are okay; and then leave you better from the visit. We must be open to their presence and invite them into our lives, before they can intervene on our behalf and actively work to make our situations better.

Spirit guides respect your free will, so you have complete control over if you want to listen to the message or not. Guidance won't be forced, but they are happy to offer gentle advice and insight, like a wise mentor.

All spirit guides were human at one time, and some might have actually spent time with you in past lifetimes. Because they were human, they have an understanding of the challenges, temptations, and limitations of living on Earth. They are specifically assigned to those who can benefit the most from their own earthly and spiritual experiences, so your spirit guides are essentially tailor-made to your needs.

Just remember that spirit guides are not divine beings like angels. They have distinct personalities, can appear in any form that is most receptive to you. Like us, spirit guides are not perfect either, and they learn from our experiences as well. Back to that 'ripple-effect' again . . . even here.

For some, spirit guides may seem like long-lost friends. Part of this is because they are familiar with you: your history, your past lives, your ultimate purpose, and your 'spiritual contracts.' ((♥))

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