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Our troubled global economy is the focus of a great deal of attention and energy right now. There are a myriad of different perspectives on where the economy is headed and what must happen for it to balance out and be healthy once again.
These differing perspectives range from the various traditional economical and political postulations all the way to those which are more progressive and step out of the old global economy boxes we have been contained within.
I personally have studied these issues at an intrinsic and essential level for nearly 20 years. My way of doing so involves looking at the basic 'facts' and then looking into the underpinning elements of awareness which are involved from the plane of cosmic consciousness.
It is only in understanding the fundamental problems at their most essential level that we can actually engineer new fractal patterns of unity consciousness that will take us forward and which do not simply spin out new variations of the old separative patterns we are cycling around within.
In my 'studies' of the problems we face as a collective within the global economy I also have spent a considerable amount of time in communion with subtle planes and higher dimensional beings like the Ascended Masters and other inner planes agencies to help me better understand what I am looking at and how to move to a new level.
What I have come to realize from this endeavor is that there are some very fundamentally limiting thought-constructs and beliefs operating on our progressive side of the fence. We all fairly well understand the limitations which operate on the traditional old school side of the fence, so it is not my objective to address those.
Anyone who is drawn to my work is on the progressive side of the fence so to speak. It is my deep conviction and belief that we are here to create the pathways that will take us into our New Earth. Therefore, it is important that we also understand how to most efficiently and effectively do so as we are channeling higher dimensional energy through our beings..
I am thus going to head straight into the one primary alignment I have come to realize needs to occur and which I have been working on in myself for quite some time.
This is that any thoughts, feelings and beliefs we hold within us at any level that indicate money or the current economic system are bad or evil must now be released and transmuted and transformed.
These beliefs have been generated as anchor points to help us step forward toward a new reality. They were originally generated, however, when we were in an entirely different energy and awareness environment. They represent judgments which are separative and limiting. They are now holding us back as deeper crystallizations at the cellular level.
Money is only energy. HOW we use it, the energy we bring into that activity, is what matters most. It matters not what others may be doing with it, it is not constructive to limit ourselves or levy judgments in that way. It is HOW WE use money and the existing money system that matters.
I have observed an increasing number of people who believe that we need to move beyond the monetary exchange system, but who also believe that money is somehow bad and evil, who have found themselves suddenly without money in a system that still requires it. Not fun. I have been there myself.
This is going to be a wide spread manifestation that will affect every one of us that holds such beliefs at any level. It's time to dump these beliefs to the best of our ability right NOW!
We are in a time that is now energizing the reality of our more deeply held beliefs very powerfully. I have had to look at these beliefs in myself over and again and I have kept clearing them at deeper and deeper levels. I'm still working on that, but I am experiencing profound results in my inner energy environment at this point.
In order to truly transform our economic system we have to be engaged with actually using it for light-engendered purposes. This is what Thoth refers to as 'True Transformational Principle.' In other words, we have to be willing to allow our energy and consciousness to interact freely with that which must be transformed. By holding ourselves apart from it in an ivory tower we do not bring as great a transformational energy to it.
This is not easy to accomplish either. Many times what occurs is that we attempt to do this exact thing and then WE get transformed by the more limiting energy we wish to change. A reverse effect so to speak. This then causes us to back out and re-fortify ourselves within our ivory towers.
This pull-back is fine as a means to get re-aligned, but we need to be also aware that this is in fact what we are doing, and that the ivory tower is not our overall end objective. We will have to re-emerge from that ivory tower again at some point and try again.
We must also be humble and authentic enough to acknowledge and realize that the only reason we get impacted adversely by the more limiting energies in our world is that we are not yet aligned and resonating to a high enough degree with our True Selves. This one simple acknowledgment can take us a long way in our desired direction.
The economy of our future can manifest in many forms on the physical plane. Moving beyond monetary exchange altogether is definitely going to become a reality at some point in our collective journey. Yet we need to be engaged fully with what exists right NOW to help it all head in that direction.
The economy of the future is a love-based economy operating at higher frequencies of awareness and consciousness. This will only become possible within the form of our world's economic system when enough people on this planet have aligned themselves to their True Self to a sufficient degree. This will mean that they are no longer doing things for money that they do NOT love to do in order to just survive.
This is the fundamental basis for a new economy, rather having a new economy first so this can take place. This consciousness and energy has to be present to a high enough degree to bring it into manifestation within our world in other words.
We thus need to have a planet full of people who are empowering themselves by doing what they LOVE to do each and every day. We need to have a planet full of people that KNOW so deeply within themselves that doing what they LOVE to do each day WILL support them on the physical plane REGARDLESS of what type of economic system is being used currently.
This type of energy takes us into full engagement with the current economy and employs the universally aligned True Transformational Principle. This is the only effective way forward. It is a path anchored in LOVE.
Love of what we are doing each and every moment is where it begins. This is love of the True Self at its most intrinsic and fundamental level of expression. It is raw pure love power being unleashed within our economic system!
We are being cosmically called to live this dream NOW, and to accept whatever means of exchange we have currently to work with on this planet, moment by moment, as we move forward. We need to embrace the current means of exchange in love too!
The economic system we are using will simply follow the energy of that which uses it in a love-light engendered manner over time. It will self-transform through the power of love flowing through it. The power of love is far greater than any of the other energies we wish to see change in that system. In this we MUST TRUST!
Therefore, I send forth this message into YOUR heart to help you join my effort to do this... to allow OUR love to flow freely into our world through whatever means we have at our disposal right NOW.
We do NOT have to wait for some new economic system to arrive. We ARE the new economy of love RIGHT NOW!
Are you with me? Let's DO it!
The love power we can release is unstoppable, and NOW is the perfect cosmic timing point to let it all loose my beloved Family of Light in the Oneness and Love!

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