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✦ ✦ Unlabelled ✦ A Good Explanation for Ascension : Part - 2 - : By Helio - ah of The Arcturian Group of Forty

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The Ascension Energies are Still Here



Greetings, my fellow starseeds and galactic travelers and galactic workers. I am Helio-ah. I welcome you to this time period that in Earth terms is representative of a new year. I say that you have entered a new time period. You are aware that there was a huge transition point. The fact is that this planet and the third dimension hold dense energy. Many people felt no effect, felt no energetic change on this planet on December 21st, 2012. It is amazing. Yet there were many people who experienced an upliftment and experienced partial intersectional energies from the fifth dimension. That is to say that there was actually a raise of light. There were actually streams of light. There were symptoms or evidence of the intersection of dimensions.

It is true that the total intersection of dimensions did not occur. It is true that there was not ascension, but there were huge glimpses and huge light frequencies that came into this planet. These frequencies came into the planet and they are still here. They are forming a basis for the future intersection of the third dimension with the fifth.

You might think that the intersection of the fifth and the third dimension would occur as a whole planet. You might think that this planet would miraculously and suddenly intersect as a whole energy field with a fifth-dimensional energy field and that a huge dynamic change would occur.

A huge dramatic energy shift and downloading could create chaos, could create an upheaval. This planet is not receptive enough to hold such a huge input of light. In discussions, I would like to refer to the cosmic drama and cosmic history of the planet in the Pleiades. The Pleiadians were in a very difficult situation when a space traveler from the Pleiades mistakenly reentered the third dimension around the Pleiadian planet in a way that was too close and did not take into consideration the cosmic energy field of the third-dimensional Pleiades. The incorrect reentering created such a powerful imbalance that the planet in the Pleiades was thrown into a dimensional crisis.

It is not the best thing for a planet to be half in the fifth dimension and half in the third dimension. It would be like stepping onto a pond with one foot in the water and one foot on the land. Suddenly the foot you have in the pond is on a banana peel, and you feel like you are going to slip. The foot that you have on the land is also on a banana peel, and you also think you are going to slip. You have no firm root in either dimension.

That is exactly what happened to the planet in the Pleiades. This planet was in a crisis. The crisis was created accidentally by a space traveler who misjudged the reentry coordinates. Remember, when you travel in hyperspace and you come back into the third dimension, you must follow certain rules and regulations. You must follow a proper distance when you come in. You must understand that when you enter into the third dimension from hyperspace and from the fifth dimension, you are coming in with a powerful force of energy. That powerful force of energy can totally throw off a third-dimensional planet.

You may have heard about anti-matter, and you might have heard that a small amount of anti-matter can cause a major explosion of great magnitude. Entering from the fifth dimension into the third dimension incorrectly could create a huge possible implosion which could throw off an entire planet. It can throw off the energy field of an entire planet. So, what was done when this happened to the Pleiades? The Galactic Masters, the Galactic Council, the Ascended Masters met, and they decided that the Pleiades as a planet was able to hold the light of the fifth dimension. Therefore, the downloading of the fifth-dimensional light would not create destruction, but, in fact, the planet as a whole, because of its higher spiritual evolvement, was capable of integrating higher fifth-dimensional light. The decision was made by the masters to bring and to allow the Pleiades into the fifth dimension. So it was.

There was a huge influx of fifth-dimensional light into the Pleiades, and it did create some upheavals on the planet. It did create some strong transitions. They were not destructive, and the people were prepared, and they were able to hold the newer light and newer energy fields that were necessary. This newer light and these newer energy fields were like a foundation to hold new patterns of dynamic holographic light and energy.

I tell you this story because I want to compare that to the Earth, and I want to compare that to the intersection of dimensions. Even a brief intersection of the dimensions is capable of unleashing an energy force that is so dynamic and so powerful. This energy force created by the intersection of the dimensions would dynamically shift everything on this planet. There would be no stone that would not be affected.

Then the question becomes, is it possible that the Earth is ready to hold that level of fifth-dimensional light? Or, would such a huge influx of fifth-dimensional energy destroy and create upheaval that would harm many people? The answer is that the planet Earth is still not capable of holding the full influx of light from the intersection of the dimensions.

I know that you have been working on the Ladders of Ascension. I know that you have been working on the Etheric Crystals. You have done great work with the Planetary Cities of Light. In many cases, especially in the Planetary Cities of Light, there are energetic thought structures to hold the fifth-dimensional energy that already have been downloaded. These thought structures would be able to hold fifth-dimensional light at the time of the intersection of the dimensions. However, this planet as a whole is still not ready.

What would happen if this huge energy force from the fifth dimension came into the Earth? Remember, when I described the problem in the Pleiades, I said that the Pleiades was in a crisis. The planet was in an unparalleled balance that was disruptive and was creating a lot of anxiety for all life forms. So, the Pleiades offer a demonstration of what it is like to be on the precipice or on the cliff between the third dimension and the fifth dimension. Now when we speak of the Pleiades, we are talking about a planet that was more spiritually evolved than the Earth. (Tones OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh, OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh.)

It was certainly a major downloading of fifth-dimensional light that came to the Earth on December 21st, 2012. Certainly the amount of light and energy that came to the Earth was an amount in which the structures that you have put in place were able to handle. A great amount of light and fifth-dimensional thoughts came to this planet on December 21st. The Earth's energy field continues to download fifth-dimensional energy from that alignment. Let us look at this for you from a galactic perspective. Juliano has said we are talking about an alignment with the center of the galaxy, and the center of the galaxy can be approximately 26,000 light years away. That is a distance which is unimaginable. Yet, we have suggested and the Mayans also correctly suggested that the alignment with the exact center would occur on December 21st, 2012. This is an alignment that occurs once every 26,000 years. A short period has passed since that alignment. How much different is a month or two in terms of 26,000 years? How much different has the Earth moved in its path of precession in a period of one to two months. Remember, the movement of precession is also known as the Earth wobble. How significant has the movement been in comparison with this great distance of 26,000 light years?

The answer is that it is a very insignificant or immeasurable movement from this perspective. This could mean that those upheavals that were predicted on December 21st, 2012 could manifest at any time. It could mean that the energies of the intersection of the dimensions can continue. But it also means that the Ascended Masters and guides and teachers are working and overseeing the planetary process, and they want to make sure that they will not push the Earth into a dimensional crisis.

I think that you would agree that you would not want the planet Earth to go into a dimensional crisis simply for the benefit for those starseeds who are ready to ascend. In fact, when you look at the coming intersection of the dimensions from this perspective, you would also say that those starseeds who are ready to ascend have become more valuable.

Do you think that there has been a greater awareness of the planetary crisis since December 21st, 2012? Has there been a greater movement among the governments to address the overwhelming planetary problems that this planet faces? The answer is "no." Most of the people who are of dense nature laughed about the date of December 21st, and they thought that the world was not going to end, so we can go on and continue in the same manner. They have not made any shifts.

You need to continue with your planetary work in the same manner. You cannot fall back and give in and say, "Well, the Ascension didn't happen. Therefore I will stop my planetary healing work" or "I will stop my ascension work." The ascension energies are still here.

Juliano wants me to talk to you about time because when you look at events on the third dimension, then you become aware of the importance of time. I want to speak about time from the holographic perspective. I work with healing energies. I have worked with you previously in describing the holographic healing chamber. The holographic healing chamber is a specialized chamber for personal healing. That specialized chamber is downloaded with your past, present and future life energy. This concept in itself is so revolutionary. It is so revolutionary on the third dimension to think that a holographic computer machine or process machine or chamber, can have the information from your past, present and future lives.

It is not a machine or a computer like you would think of on the third dimension. I know that your computers are very advanced, and in fact, your computers now are reaching levels through touch screens and even through thought patterns where you are going to be able to control your computers with your mind.

I will try to explain this as simply as I can from the holographic perspective. Imagine a computer that can interface with the Akashic Records. Imagine that there can exist on the Earth, on the third dimension, a computer that is able interact and download information from your Akashic Records. Imagine also that the information from the Akashic Records is infinitely complex. The Akashic Records record every thought and every experience that you have had in all of your incarnations all over the galaxy and all over the universe. Not only does it record it for you, but it records it for every person that exists on this planet. The Akashic Records are also for all of the incarnations on other planets. The Akashic Records are available for cosmic incarnations.

To process and understand and work with this kind of energy is beyond the confines of the third-dimensional mind. Yet, specialized computers are necessary to interface with your third-dimensional thought field and the Akashic Records.

Juliano talked about the quantum thought processes and quantum energy - the process which means that what you think as an observer can influence the events. Now imagine that if you have the perspective from the Akashic Records. You have the perspective of your past, present and future, and you have the ability from the past, present and the future. That is the power of the interface that exists in the holographic healing chamber. A new power of healing exists there, because in the holographic healing chambers we can look at all cosmic karma experiences.

Karma is actually an unfolding of events that are based on cause and effect. Karma means that what happened will create this effect. But, that is only from the third-dimensional perspective. From the fifth-dimensional perspective, from the holographic perspective, from the Akashic Records perspective, you can, as an observer, shift the energy of karma. So that what looks like an irrefutable or unchangeable outcome can be shifted. You have to be in the right thought field to have these shifts. You can experience such healings in the holographic healing chamber.

Now, I want to apply these principles to the planet, and I want to discuss the holographic energy field of the planet and the holographic energy field of planet Earth. You, as the starseeds and fifth-dimensional beings, can participate in the holographic healing chamber in a planet. We describe our perfect holographic healing chamber for the planet to be similar to a movie theater. This is why we were instrumental and motivated to work in the creation of the movie The Blue Jewel. The movie The Blue Jewel creates the perfect holographic healing chamber for the planet. It brings together the people in a theater and projects the image of the future Earth, the present Earth and the past Earth on a screen in which people can immediately and holographically influence the Earth. This becomes such a powerful transitional and transformational energy.

We can together participate in the holographic energy field for the holographic chamber of the Earth together in our meditations. We do this planetary healing with you remotely. This is also equal to what can be done in the movie theater on Earth. We can create a fifth-dimensional movie theater. We remotely have you travel there.

Visualize now the existence of a movie theater on my Starship Athena, which is now in the Jupiter Corridor. At your point of relaxation, allow your spirit to leave your body and thought project yourself through the corridor now. Through this corridor, go up into and through the corridor and enter my Starship Athena. (Tones OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh.) As you come into the spaceship, you come into our entry point, and you see this huge holographic chamber which is for the planet Earth. Come into the chamber.

It is like a beautiful theater, but it is unlike any theater you have seen on the Earth. This is a fifth-dimensional theater. This is a theater filled with beautiful crystals. It is a theater that has fantastic colors and energy. It is a theater that is able to project images far beyond the capability of any telescope or any oscilloscope or any MRI or any other type of machine that you have or might have that can make images. This screen in the theater projects holographic images. Welcome to the holographic healing theater chamber for planet Earth. Have a seat in the theater. OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh. See on the screen, The Blue Jewel, the planet Earth. You have seen images of the Milky Way, the galaxy that you live in. You have also seen, hopefully, pictures of the artists' demonstration of the outer arm of the Milky Way. The Earth and the solar system are about two-thirds of the way out on the outer arm in the spiral of the Milky Way. See this Blue Jewel, this great planet, emitting and standing out on this outer arm.

Why do we call Earth "The Blue Jewel"? It is called The Blue Jewel because a jewel is glowing. The jewel is sending out light and energy. It is sparkling. See this planet on the screen. See it sparkling light among all of the galactic dust, among all of the other star systems that are nearby. See The Blue Jewel sparkling. As you become aware of The Blue Jewel, become aware that the planet is moving because the solar system is also moving. Also become aware that there is also a movement of this outer arm where the Earth is. That outer arm is traveling on an axis around the Central Sun.

This is such a far distance from the Earth to the Central Sun. It is an immeasurable distance. I can tell you it is 26,000 light years. It is an enormous distance. You could not even imagine it. Visualize this great distance to the best of your abilities. The mind has infinite capabilities. And see now an alignment of the Central Sun and The Blue Jewel and see this beam of light.

Let's talk about the Galactic Kachina. The Galactic Kachina is the interface spirit between the Central Sun light and the third dimension. See this beautiful Kachina energy field that is above The Blue Jewel and bringing in this light. This light is then being distributed around the Ring of Ascension and around The Blue Jewel, stabilizing the Earth into a fifth-dimensional energy field. We will hold that thought on the screen, and we will go into meditation now with that image.

Beautiful, beautiful. As you are holding that energy and seeing that beautiful light coming to the fifth dimension, bring your thoughts to the planet Earth specifically. You know how the zoom energy works. The zoom energy is where you focus on one area and you zoom in on it. We are going to zoom in on Australia. [Author's Note: There was a terrible heat wave over Australia when this channeling was taking place.] Find the continent Australia and zoom in on it. You can see a huge pattern of high pressure, a huge pattern of heat, of dryness over the continent of Australia, including Tasmania. All of the cities, including those in Western Australia, are experiencing high pressure.

From this perspective, we can see a gentle wind; we can see gentle movement as the high pressure which is stuck over Australia begins to move. See together this image on the holographic screen of this beautiful continent. See the high pressure beginning to move and the winds coming very gently. A shift in the weather patterns will occur. A shift in the clouds will occur over Australia. Hold that thought and we will go into meditation again. We will call this "The Zooming Meditation."

Send your thoughts and images so that a new image appears. This image consists of the weather patterns shifting over Australia now. Send that new thought. We are in a powerful biorelativity state of energy. Send that thought - the weather patterns are shifting.

Yes, it is working and The Blue Jewel is able to shift. Your energies are able to help shift the weather patterns just very slightly, just enough to move this energy of high pressure away. The overly high heat and the high pressure and the high patterns of heat are going to shift slowly.

Zoom out again, and as you zoom out, you see the whole planet, and you see the Earth's connection with the fifth-dimensional Central Sun, and you can see the activation of fifth-dimensional light. The Blue Jewel beautifully sparkles.

Now, carefully, we will leave the holographic theater. I will leave the image on the screen, and you can return to this image for the next 24 hours. You can do the zoom work just like I did. You can zoom in on Australia if you feel you want to do that more, and you can also zoom in on any part of the planet. Most important, see the Earth's connection with the center of the galaxy. Visualize it.

When you are ready, leave the theater and then come down the corridor and follow the corridor back into the room where you started and back into your body. Your body now will feel a light energetic upliftment. Come in with perfect alignment. Remember, download yourself into perfect alignment back into your physical body.

We will work again in the future with the holographic images of this planet. We will be assisting you in many different ways. I am Helio-ah. Good day.


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