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Dearest ones, we greet you from the stars! We call upon you to heed our words as you undergo the transformations currently taking place within each and every one of you. You will have noticed that this period of time when you are slowly waking from the sleep of winter in the Northern Hemisphere of your world is bringing a gradual increase in the available light, not only in the lengthening days but in your inner worlds also. For many it is as if you are awakening from a dream which had captivated you, and ensnared you on a level of your feeling life, your emotional life, or your life of thoughts. Suddenly it is as if a new day has dawned and you see more clearly: 'No, that is not what I want, that is not what I intended!' And you begin to pick up the threads of your own life path without it being mixed in with the tapestry of another who has chosen to go a different way. And this is all to the good, dear ones. As the threads which make up the life paths of each one of you gradually disentangle, you are each left in the glory of your own light.

Turn that light inwards and see what it reveals to you. Shine the light into your own soul instead of casting it out to illumine another. And when you shine your light into your own soul, you see the perfection, the glory, of just who you are in your own right. You see the glory, the perfection, of your own life path. And it touches your heart, does it not, dear ones? You had almost forgotten how wonderful is the path you are treading, the path you have outlined for yourself long before your birth into your present incarnation upon the earth. You were caught up in the ideas of others, concepts which had come towards you as you sought to understand the meaning of the times you live in.

The year of 2012 posed many a riddle for many of you. What was it that was ending? What was it that was beginning anew? What are the powerful new energies that are available to you now in this new year of the 13, beyond the 12? Many of you were filled with expectations, expectations of what might come to pass on a world-scale or a cosmic scale, and many felt a profound disappointment when what they expected did not come to pass and things around them in their world remained much as they had been. And many of you had inner expectations on the feeling levels of the soul, expectations of this or the other person fulfilling aspects of your dreams, even dreams you were not fully conscious of having. These personal expectations have also in general terms not been fulfilled. What does this mean, dear ones, to experience such disappointment and confusion? How can this be understood in terms of the new energies of this year of 2013?

Your year of 2013 brings you to the unity within the whole. Twelve is the cosmic completeness. One is the individual. You are experiencing yourself most clearly as a conscious individual right now. You are waking from the cosmic dream of wholeness to the awareness that while this is true and undeniable it is not the whole story. For in addition to the holistic nature of the cosmos as a wonderful hologram encompassing all that is, there is the great power of the individual consciousness, the thirteenth element. And without this power of the individual consciousness you would be quite unaware of the whole, would you not, dear ones?

And herein lies the divine paradox. Each and every one of you is an aspect of the divine, and you are graced with this experience from time to time, perhaps when you behold the glories of the sunset, or look out on the vastness of the ocean, or gaze into your lover's eyes, or hold a little child in your arms. In these peak moments you touch into the divine nature of all creation, of all souls, of all human beings, and you know deep within that you are divine, as well as that which you behold.

And to be a spark of the divine living in a human body upon the planet earth is a grace indeed, dear ones, for it gives you a freedom to be conscious and creative in your own development which few beings in the universes possess to the degree you have it upon the earth. You are the thirteenth element added to the twelve. The cosmic dance takes place around the centre point which is your individualised consciousness. For you perceive everything from this centre point, do you not? You look out upon the world around you from this point of consciousness. You perceive the feelings of those around you from this point of consciousness. You set your intentions and decide what to do from this point of consciousness. You create your reality from this point of consciousness. You are a most powerful creative being, essential to the whole of the cosmos, for it revolves around you, does it not?

And when you begin to comprehend your value to the whole of the cosmos, you begin to value yourself. You begin to perceive the glory of a soul living within a human body, the glory that you are. And from this perspective when you turn your attention to the problems your life has presented you with, you see very clearly that part of the choice you have made in your path of development is to see what no longer serves you in your life and simply to let it go. For refining your personality self so it may serve you as best it may is a great part of the path of human life. And when you view your tasks from a cosmic perspective it suddenly seems easier to do what must be done to enable the transformation to take place on a microcosmic level with an ease and a grace that gives you energy.

For releasing the old patterns always gives energy. Consider for a moment what happened within you when you realised recently that something was no longer right for you - a thought, an expectation, a connection, whatever it was. Yes, you experienced a surge of joy, a lightening, for you had put down a burden that you realised you did not need to carry. It was not even really yours! And you experience this increase in the light within as clarity and a simple joy in existence. This is the energetic state in which many of you are finding yourself at present, dear ones, a state of being new born from out of illusion, of having newly opened your eyes and realised you have learned much about yourself, much that was hidden deep down within you.

Take a new look, dear ones, at what surfaced in you from the depths during this last period. First it appeared as a dull stone, heavy and uninteresting, something to be shrugged off as quickly as possible. But if you pause and take a little care of it, dust it down and polish it a bit, you will uncover the treasure within the stone. Polish it until it shines in all its glory, in its true colours. Be brave, crack it open, if need be, and let its facets be revealed to you. Would you ever have thought that with a little love and care and attention such a treasure would have come from out of the depths? Nurture this jewel from within you, for it will be the key to your whole path in this incarnation, if only you take the time and trouble to see it in its entirety. For there is always the danger of dismissing your tribulations too quickly, feeling so anxious to release them and sort them out, only to have the shock of their resurfacing at a later stage still needing to be transmuted, because in reality they were only banished once more to the underworld. Take care of this precious jewel that you have discovered in your hearts, dear ones, nurture it well, and watch how the beautiful crystal grows. Look inside, into its facets and see what they reveal to your inner vision, for you will grow greatly in self-knowledge out of the trials of this time.

And how is it possible for so many of you to be experiencing the re-birthing of yourselves in this time? It is because you are the children of your Mother Earth, and you have accompanied her through her re-birthing in the period between the 12-12-12 and the Solstice and have entered the Fourth Dimension along with her. All of you are effected by this transition of the earth, and much around you will be more transparent than before. And very many of you have entered the Fourth Dimension with your eyes wide open, and you are seeing the reality of the illusions you were previously caught up in. For to live consciously in the Fourth Dimension is to be able to steer your own path through the dream-like consciousness of the astral realms, to take up the rudder of your own ship and set it to take you where you wish to go. No longer will you drift and be carried along by the will of others, for you will feel this will being exerted, or see the energy being sent out, and you will hear the thoughts of others and not be taken in by outer appearances.

Trust every perception, dearest ones, for the inner reality speaks to you in subtle ways. If you feel uncomfortable, ask yourself what it is that you do not feel comfortable with, and you will know and learn from it. If you feel intrusions into your energy field, know that you can remove yourself from the path of these energies by removing your attention, and that you can work to make your energy field impermeable to all but goodness and love. If you hear thoughts which are not compatible with your energy, you have the choice whether to continue with these people who choose a different path. Simply leave them to it, for you may not ask another to change, and move on yourself to what is compatible with you, and to those with whom you can travel further with ease. This is the river of life, dearest ones, ever flowing onwards, and now you have your head above the waters, and can see sufficiently well to steer your ship with confidence because you trust in your new ability to perceive what was previously hidden behind the veil. You will rapidly become used to your enhanced abilities, and learn to act upon every perception with an easy grace, speaking your truth with tact and immediately to avoid confusion. And your passage down the river will become a floating in joy as you realise that the river has broadened, that the surface is calm, and that it is taking you just where you need to go.

As this begins to become your experience, lift your heads and look around you to notice who is there floating alongside and what is beckoning to you, for many of you will be receiving quite new tasks in the near future. This is something which is always a marker of trials well passed. There are new openings, new work, new associations, and new vistas ahead. Go forward with joy when the new approaches you. And look up to the stars, for we wish also to work with you when you are ready to hear our call. We are ever there to receive you and welcome you into our realms.Just open your hearts and minds and speak with us, and we will hear you and respond. You are in our thoughts always, dear ones. We admire your courage as you progress down the river of life with greater and greater consciousness, and we offer you our assistance whenever you wish. Just call on us in your hearts, for we are only a thought away.
Peroptimé, for the Star Councils of Light, 04 February 2013
Channeller: Amuna Ra

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