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In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self I acknowledge that I am an instrument of God on this earth and we are asking only that which is the will of God.” “We are about to decree in the fullness of our I AM Presence, our heart flame, the I AM THAT I AM in full force, decreeing and visualizing its perfection flowing forth into action.”
“Let us call upon the Heart Flame of our I AM Presence to expand the unfed flame within our hearts to make it our Heart’s Victory Flame for all of these calls!” (Take a deep breath)
And let us take a deep breath and feel our Golden Sun Presence radiate out from our Heart Centre as we affirm: I AM THAT I AM.
As we take another deep breath and feel our Golden Sun Presence become ONE with the physical sun affirming inwardly: I AM THAT I AM.
Taking another deep breath and feeling our Golden Sun Presence become ONE with the I AM THAT I AM in the Great Central Sun, the Infinite I AM Presence Heavenly Mother Father God, Everything! Affirming inwardly: I AM THAT I AM.
Now that we have completed our Golden Triangle of the three suns, we are ready to begin our work together, as One Mind, One Heart, One Voice and One Will of the I AM Presence!
Excalibur’s Invocation to the Ascended Masters
Our Beloved I AM Presence, all the Ascended and Angelic Host of Light, Great Cosmic Beings, Powers and Legions of Light, all in the Ascended Masters Octave, come forth into action now, hear our call, feel our love, our will, our earnest, sincere determination to see to it that all the I AM Presence’s and Mother Earth are FREE, FREE, FREE of all human miscreations, all the war, all the destruction, all the discord, step forth into action now and lead Thy Limitless Legions of Uncountable Angels of every single colour of the Sacred Flames of God from the Great Central Sun, from the Physical Sun, from Thine own Ascended Master Temples,
We declare we are in our sacred space now and receive all of the Transmissions and any Miracle Healings from the Transfiguration Chamber as I call forth my I AM Presence, my personal Guardian Angels, the Crystalline Solar Fires of Perfection, the Ascended Masters associated with each Sacred Fire flame, and the White Fire Flame, Golden Christ Flame, Violet Flame, Rose Pink and Emerald Green Flame, the Platinum Flames, my Ascension Team, my Body Elemental and the higher consciousness of the cells of my body, the Mighty Elohim, Heavenly Hosts and Ascended Masters , and the Goddess of Purity for the White Fire Flame of Purification and Ascension. I give you all my love and I am so grateful for this time in Transfiguration Chamber. And I affirm, “I Am the Conscious Embodiment of God’s Unconditional Love and healing & transmuting power & Cosmic Creative Intelligence and Peace Commanding Presence – all manifesting & working in me & thru me and in every human being in every moment.” Thank You God. And So It Is ! ! !
Beloved Masters of the Light, Angelic Host, Mighty Elohim and to our own mighty I AM Presence ~ as Christed Beings we come before you unified and strong in loving joy and filled with the all of the Sacred Fire Flames – we joyfully step forth into our expanded roles as Christed Servants of the Most High.
We ask that we be guided and over lighted throughout our mighty effort to bring forth into greater manifestation through the consciousness of Love, intentional support and precipitation the raising up of the Human into the awakened I AM race. We ask that our Call to Service be heard and through magnetic attraction those beings whose destiny is aligned with the Divine Plan be drawn to our pure vibration of service to the Light.
We offer our selves, in complete cooperation and through the activity of our I AM Presence as stewards of Gaia, directors of the Sacred Fire, and supporters of the awakening I AM race, in complete service to the Light.
We call forth the Sacred Fires as our tools for making all activities of the Transfiguration Chamber, manifestations of the Will of God. We Are the Externalization of the Creative Hierarchy! We are servers of the Divine Dispensation of the Seven Mighty Sacred Flames for the raising up of all Life on Earth into her ascension.
We thank the Ascended Masters, Angelic Host and Elohim for their ongoing blessings and assistance in this effort and the blessings of the Divine dispensation of the Transfiguration Chamber.
We humbly welcome this Divine Opportunity to serve the Light though this sacred portal of the Transfiguration Chamber and to the Divine Plan we consecrate this Divine Space. We ask that all work as Shepherd be brought forth for the benefit of the group and all decrees multiplied, amplified and strengthened ten billion times X ten billion times X ten billion times!!!
I offer this earthly embodiment, this outer self as an instrument to be an open door. Use me in whatever way you wish. Use these mighty Unfed Flames that are alive inside me and project your Cosmic Light Rays, your Miracle Love, your Sacred Flames of God. Take up this instrument that your great works can come forth, and if necessary, can come forth through me. I offer this instrument to you as an open door. You may use my vessel for the sacred fires to pour forth through to all those in Transfiguration Chamber and in the Miracle Healing Circle.
I Am Ascended Master El Morya, and I gift everyone willing to receice the gift of the Electronic Pattern of the Sword of Excalibur, which will help empower your meditations, visualizations, & speech with the powers of the Sacred Fire Flames. With the power of my Blue-White Ray & Sacred Fire Love, I raise your vibrations when called upon & clear everything not of God’s Light in your 4-body system. I activate & anchor now the Electronic Pattern of the Sword of Excalibur in your throat center & empower your spoken words with Divine Purity & Sacred Fire Love & Mighty Blessings of Cosmic Light and of the Ascended Master’s Presence for the highest good of all. Visualize the image below & feel this.

I AM the Ascended Jesus Christ Resurrection and the Life of the Pattern of the Sword Excalibur within me in full power and expression through my being and world now !!!
This is a powerful gift and I AM so grateful and blessed to received this gift from you Beloved El Morya.
And I thank You, Father/Mother/God for manifesting everything being affirmed, or better for everyone in healing circles & transfiguration chambers around the world, and for every person on earth. And So It Is. And So Be It ! ! !

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