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ALCHEMY is the art of transmuting Energies and the transmutation of the Self; a science of gathering, storing and circulating the energies of the human body in connection with the energies of our environment, the Creation plane (Divine Mother and Divine Father) and the Absolute (Divine Source).

Alchemy is a Way of being and tool for transforming the soul, with its own common language, universal Energy. Indeed, it is a language of the soul, a matrix of transformation. Often initially learned through or in meditation (of various forms and practices, such as our 'LightGrid daily connecting), for the experienced alchemist, it becomes a 'moment to moment' aspect, of conscious living. Alchemy allows us to play with ideas about the nature of reality and our own spiritual and practical nature. It configures our soul, aligns and grounds us in a deeply purposed life; aware and consciously connected with the Divine and its sacred forms: all manifested existence.

The art of Alchemy includes:
Transmuting energies to harmonious resonance
Clairvoyance, healing and distance healing
Transmutation of self and self-actualization
Reaching enlightenment
Keeping the body healthy and slowing aging
Studying the principles of energies
Studying the nature of time and creation
Reconnecting a Fractured Emotional Body
Activating and Living through Human and universal Energy as the 'Light Body'

Alchemy is a very broad topic. Like 'architecture', it means a lot of things and can be explored and achieved, in many different ways. It is often seen from the, metallurgical scientific definition, as a process of transmuting bare metals into gold (which is only one of the very advanced paths of Alchemy). Spiritual Alchemy is more about mastery over self and mastery over all one's energy bodies, working with different layers of energies.

The bodies of man (etheric, emotional, mental, etc.) are stacked inside one another, forming a luminous cocoon which represents the cosmos.

It is a tool, with which you can discover your deeper nature as a multidimensional synthesis of subjective/objective, qualitative/quantitative, mind/matter, wave/particle.

It is the responsibility of each individual to bring about their own transformation and be free to reincarnate now, to embody that transformation fully. The outer is the inner, and the inner is the outer. Lived reality is only experienced reality and is always transformed before it is experienced.

Alchemy increases your capacity to relate to inward-flowing content. You can regenerate yourself with full consciousness of yourself as an energy that communicates with the energies of all around you.

You are the world and the world is you. You can deny or affirm the sacred and if chosen, by changing yourself, you change everything. You can be a light unto yourself, lit by yourself. You are the cosmos and the cosmos is you like a mirror, reflecting the energy of Source through experience.


Alchemy is an 'energy understanding/operating', heart-ful path of living dedication. Partially symbolized in the relationships of mystical brothers and sisters, our conscious interactions with all around us, directly correlates to the inter-workings of the universe.

You are the al-chemical vessel and the content of your psyche is a means and object of transformation, to realize your potential. There are deeper dimensions of soul and spirit beyond ego gratification. Active evocation of the imagination reveals your invisible depths. In a life practice and service grounded in these deeper dimensions,

You embody the principles...the energy of Source, from whence you have come.

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