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✦ ✦ Unlabelled ✦ New ELECTRIC GRAVITY Supports the Phenomena in General Relativity

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A new theory of electric gravity that by and large supports the findings of Einstein’s general relativity. The new theory uses Electromagnetic (EM) and Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) principles to derive a residual electric force synonymous with and indistinguishable from the force of gravity. The attractive and repulsive electrical forces between atoms and molecules are not symmetrically identical due to a well known experimentally-verified asymmetric characteristic property exhibited by the ubiquitous van der Waals interactions. This fundamental asymmetry can differentially impact the probability amplitude of interactions of force carrier virtual particles under QED and gives rise to an excess attractive energy and force. The breakdown of symmetry provides the basis for Electric Gravitation between objects and produces a force largely in line with Einstein’s General Relativity and, in the limit, Newton’s Law of Gravitation.
In addition to Newton’s, the force has a velocity-dependent term and a term proportional to gravitational field strength or intensity, both of these “electrical” terms support similar ones in General Relativity – the so called Post-Newtonian Corrections. An interesting phenomenon in Electric Gravitation is that radial object velocity actually decreases the force of gravity due to EM/Special Relativity considerations, which is expected to have some potential implications for the dynamics and expansion rate of the universe. Electric Gravitation also enables one to theoretically derive the underlying formula for the Newtonian gravitational constant G. It is hoped that this new approach to gravity may potentially lead to a theory of Quantum Electric Gravity compatible with quantum mechanics and in harmony with the other fundamental forces of nature.

This is for People Who:

  • Have a curious mind and want to know the truth about gravity
  • Are unhappy with present theories
  • Find Gravity bewildering
  • Intrigued by Gravity
  • Want to unravel the secret of Gravity
You can try it out yourself  - You have nothing to lose

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