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What is The New Age for you? Empowered Creation. The Cosmic Mother Through Lesley Hicks.
My dear sweet family of Light, I am your Cosmic Mother, I am your Mother, your Pleiadian Mother, but I am your Cosmic Mother and I love you so dearly and deeply. It can be so difficult at times to leave behind the old and enter into the new, but when we allow our hearts to soar we find ourselves flying through the Cosmos on the wings of love dancing in the sea of Angels. That beautiful sea of Angels, imagine just how much love there is for you in the entire Universe.
You see that there is nothing but love.
If there is nothing but love, what is it you have to fear? For if you are bathing each day in my Cosmic Ocean, you know that you are loved completely, absolutely, and unconditionally. Some might say, the Cosmic Mother cannot be channeled upon the earth? But, if I am in you and you are in me, then I am always with you, am I not?
To receive such an immensity of love, though, it requires letting go of all that you thought was Spiritual truth, and that takes stepping into the Truth. This can be difficult when we exist upon the earth. If you have found the Golden Christ Consciousness in your heart, do you need to return to outside searching?
It all starts with complete and absolute Trust, I would like to ask you this question: What is it you do or experience in your life that is first prompted by fear?
If I am with you, and you love me absolutely, what is it that I will not provide for you? For what you allow me to provide for you, you have provided for yourself?
This is where I would like you to start, to make a list, perhaps in your minds only, but a list, of all those things that you do that are first prompted by fear, if they are prompted by fear and not Trust, do you really need them in the New Energy? Do they serve you anymore? Do they help you to understand yourselves as Ascended Beings? What is your Truth?
Now, what is it that is prompted from Absolutely Trust? What would Absolute Trust look like? How would it behave? How might you live?
For these are your two energies that are battling together now, Trust and fear?
If you say to me, Mother, what is the wisdom for the New Age? What is it that I need to know? I might say to you: What IS it you need to know? What IS the wisdom for the New Age? Do you Trust yourself enough to tell me your Truth?
For when you tell me your Truth, you have created it, for I am all creation.
You are Creators, so create. That is love.
It is time to embody The Higher You.
I am within you. I am you. Do you see? Even what you have viewed as channeling is changing, for if I am you and you are me, then are you not channeling the YOU in each moment? Are you not channeling the True YOU? And, if you are channeling the True YOU, does it matter what wisdom you have upon the earth? Or have you Truly evolved so much, that from a Cosmic Perspective you have Absolute Wisdom in all things?
Create with your Heart each day, Trust in the YOU, and Be your Highest Self.
It isn't complicated, and that is why so many have missed it.
Your loved beyond measure. I am your Family, and so I am.
With deep love and blessings,
Your Cosmic Mother.

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