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Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center
The Real News and The Whole Truth

Greetings Love Beings, As Anticipated, We are Experiencing Intense Energies Coming Into The Planet Every moment Now!!! Just Breathe, and Let GO!!!  Surrender, Be Present In the Moment of Now!!! A Unified Field of Energy is Present On this Planet and this Is the Highest Energy Point Currently and is spreading quickly to all levels of Humanity. As a result,  Many are Now Being Given an Opportunity to enter the 5d Frequencies, this is What has never occurred before and Together we are making History. IN fact many have begun initiations and many more who are not heart based have a very interesting journey ahead of them. We can say in these next 3 weeks will be an intense energetic period for many who are ready to embrace the Higher Light Energies coming in. What The Experience will be for each of you will differ depending on how much of the baggage of 3d you have dissolved in your Body Hologram and have opened up the gateways from within, for this incoming Energy for this is How it enters.  The Intense Flow of this Energy will be rushing as a Gush and this will continue through the remainder of the Year and Beyond. This Energy has a Not stopping Here FLOW, and we are in an incredible Acceleration period! WINK!
Quoted from Joe Weaver ...".Being ONE and in the flow of CHANGE ~ New Earth Rising...Pretend that you were in a scenario where the ocean is rising and you have a house on the beach or close to the beach. You see that the ocean is rising but instead of moving to another location you decide to build a wall around your property so the sand does not wash away as fast. The ocean is not going to stop rising but you decide to try and hold onto what you have for as long as possible. The choice of moving right away or staying in the same location is neither good, bad, right or wrong. It is the frequency of energy that we radiate from us when we are more open to change taking place. Like water being fluid and continuously moving and shifting. There is no judgment in change, it is only the choice of how we wish to go through it. We can go through change kicking and screaming or dancing, laughing, and singing, this is our choice. We can make it easy, hard, now or later it is our choice. The thing we all need to realize is the vibration that we are radiating from us with these choices. The vibration of just being ONE and in the flow of change assist our physical light quotient to be operating in a higher frequency, than if we decided to hold onto whatever this choice was based on. As the Buddha says the source of all suffering comes from our attachments. These could be patterns of doing things in a certain way, people, addictions, perceptions, fears, or a physical object. When we are open and willing to change the trust/love vibration radiates to a greater degree. It is all about vibration. ...How are we supposed to know what is on the other side of the bridge until we walk across it and see what is on the other side? We can't take with us what is on this side of the bridge to the other side. We have to trust that when we get to the other side everything we need will be there.......and it will.
Something else that keeps coming back to me to say is, we can't change the color of the sky from blue to violet by trying to change the sky. The same goes for other people, governments, or the Earth itself. We change the color of the sky to violet by allowing change to happen within ourselves. Change in our "actions" and how we "react" and perceive even the most simplest of things. If we are willing to allow change to happen in the things we do and perceive within our lives it opens things up to change on the outside, such as the color of the sky, or peace on Earth. Our brains make all of this so much more complicated than it really needs to be. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything or believe anything. What I am describing here is a choice. The more people that are open to change within their own selves/lives this energy/vibration of willingness and openness of change will be reflected into the collective and physical world. This means the faster and easier we will integrate the New Earth ways of Being. This fluidity of flowing with change is tied into the divine feminine ways of doing things also. We haven't operated/lived in this way for a long time as a people on earth......
For all that would like take a few minutes and tune into the time we were in lemuria.......lemuria......lemuria....... I ask the IAM Presences of all of you that are willing to assist with feeling and remembering what it was like to be living in the age of lemuria.......lemuria.....lemuria..... Free.....flowing......flowing......flowing....... Remembering.....remembering......remembering........ how we lived in fluid movement. We were open to change because the idea of not having continuous change and movement was foreign to us. It is the structure and patterns that came along as we started integrating more of the masculine ways of doing things that we stopped living in this way.
I now state for the collective energy of the lemurian crystals on planet earth to radiate their energy to all that are open to receive in alignment with the will of your IAM Presences. For all that are open and wish say out loud or to yourselves "I am open to connect with the energy of the lemurian crystal love"........... Flowing.....flowing......flowing..... Remembering.....remembering......remembering........ Take a few deep breaths and release....... Release the structures and patterns that limit our fluid movements and actions........ Release.....release.....release.......
The Divine feminine represented by mother mary and quan yin assist now for all that are open........
 Take another really deep breath and release....release....release.....
Feel the fluid crystal river of the lemurian energies flowing.....flowing......flowing......
In harmony and balance throughout all levels of our physical bodies and levels of consciousness.....
Take a few minutes and open your eyes look around the room and outside if you have a window. Everything is moving and changing continuously in nature. Mother Earth and our Universe is now accelerating in this change. Things are starting to move and change rapidly. It is through us being at peace and one with these changes within our lives we are one with the same energy of ascending Mother Earth. Free......flowing.....flowing.......flowing...... Change is not always easy.....however if we allow it to flow and be ONE with it.....we will always end up in a place where we have everything that we need and in most cases at that point understand why we had to let go of what we were holding onto............. : )
Another awesome day to you all.." End of quote

 quoted from Salusa MADAD...."Another powerful clearing took place among those who are ready to move forward. We see your Light shining so brightly and inspiring others to do the same. Feel how the new reality is slipping into your old one and bringing all the necessary changes with, making you feel very comfortable and at peace and most of all, it gives you the power to trust yourself completely and without any doubts. .....We feel you are getting very comfortable being around us and we know that this is the right time to come closer to those who wish to be with us. We are very delighted at this connection between us all and feel all your loving thoughts. We want to let you know that we share your excitement and pleasure in feeling that the right moment is finally coming into our lives, and we are going to experience the most wonderful moments in the Now. This time is also a turning point for all that did not have any previous intention of change and we are also speaking about your old Leaders, they know now with certainty that the time has come to step down and let the new way and new Leaders take all countries and all their people on the path of Unity and Peace, creating one powerful Nation of Mother Earth which will be accepted and recognized throughout the Universe. This is what we are working on together with you and very shortly this work will be clearly seen and visible for all that wish to see this change happen, allowing more others to be open to the knowing of what 

The Earthside of the sun is very quiet. Solar activity remains low. Credit: SDO/HMI
Quoted from Meline Lefont....." With clarity in the current state of affairs unfolding on your world, we wish to bring you more information because of this clarity and also give you our point of view in these matters.
Due to the fact that many shifts are taking place presently in the collective of humanity and in your personal reality, a certain number of deeper and more obvious things will arise in your awareness and in your consciousness that, up until now, you were rather reluctant to cope with let alone take it for truth. What we are referring to are the most natural abilities and the deeper insights which are nestling in your reality and which are making themselves known more powerfully.
For a long time those issues seemed to be a mere dream or an illusion and for you it was difficult to just consider that everything that has been shared through our messages and our means of connection would ever become manifest in this life, let alone in this reality! It gradually dawns more and more in your current awareness that everything we talked about will definitely become your truth and your reality in the most subtle but nonetheless most powerful way. We advise you to welcome and accept these matters, to have an open mind about them and sweep all doubts aside whether they might just be fiction.,,,,
Now we have arrived at an auspicious time in which many of you will be able to make use of inner changes unfolding in the heart and in the pure lightcells of your incarnation in order to put the first actual steps in the development of, for instance, earthly travel through the gift of teleportation or the development of the gift of channeling of very high frequencies which will give rise to a revolution in this Earthly duality. Activations in the brain are carried out extensively at present by our teams and by us because your brain has to be activated in order to manifest all of this within your reality.
There are shifts in your hearing abilities and there is a speeding up of your notion of time and of frequency, which is absolutely the case and this gives rise to an intense shift within your reality. Everything is now in the process of speeding up considerably as to the pace and to the energies, in such a way that many hearts request an adaptation in this frequency shift to be able to exist in the current magnetic frequency because the heart will continue to serve as the engine of the body in which you dwell. However, everything is shifting in such a way within your physical body that a totally different frequency will present itself and will be felt within you as well as around you by others.
This reality is litterally cracking in on itself and it is not quite clear for us how much longer this illusory reality can be maintained as it bursts of spirituality, awakenings, shifts and growth. This current reality will never be the same again, you will never be the same again. You will no longer be able to recognize yourself in such a short notice because what you will evolve into will be beyond your power of imagination. This all has to do with the fact that your evolution and your expansion will bring you to a completion in such a way that nothing, pertaining to this world of duality, will remain a part of yourself.
You are now in the phase of the home stretch and the last ties connected to your physical body will now be released and you will be able to soar higher and higher in this new reality. We have now begun with the exploration of your abilities and the real development of them. Your innate abilities will far surpass your imaginations because you never considered them to be part of your reality. The more you can accept them, the bigger your evolution and your manifestation of them will become. Your reality can now begin expanding and evolving, for you have taken your first steps in this new reality, all together hand in hand....." end of quote

We just went through the anniversary of  of September 11th, 2001 which served as a Wake Up Call To Humanity and a turning point in the Evolution of Planet Earth=Heart. This event although tragic for many and which affected the entire planet on some level, was in Reality Here On the Planet, the First Victory of the Light. In the 12 Years following this, The Energies began changing very quickly here and began moving The Planet and Humanity Into the Positive Outcome. Humanity went to zero point, the lowest part of fear to begin the Climb Back Into the the Upper Realms or Heaven On Earth=Heart. This triggered TRUTH TO BEGIN TO BE REVEALED and the Unified Field of Pure Consciousness to Be Activated, also called the Higher Grid. This was an irreversable event and the first of Many huge backfires from the powers who were, who thought they could stop their downfall. This Event also Began the Activations of our 12 Million Ground Crew Members who are Humanities Represenitives for the Transition from the old to the new paradigm. This Planet's Destiny is a Blue StarSeed Nation, and a Graduation Into A Galactic Civilization. Its Unstoppable to Manifest! We Will Keep saying this, Times Up for the egos on Planet Earth=Heart and We are Really Not Kidding.
Quoted from Ashtar Susan Leland " Greetings Beloved Family!  We are ecstatic because you, Beloved Lightworkers, Ashtar Family members, and the World indeed, is speaking, and the voices are in unison!  And the voices are saying, 'Peace Now!  We’re done with war, we’re done with over 26,000 years of a cycle of vicious, dog-eat-dog, and even man-eats-child kinds of activities, brother against brother, and so on.  We’re done - it’s over!!!' "And when I say 'we,' it is because we are joined with you, because you have asked us to come and fulfill our Mission which is to assist you, Beloved Ones, in coming into your own Divine realizations of Who You Really Are, and to make your Ascensions, which you promised to yourselves that you would do long ago and far away!"But first we have much to do.  It has been only that we have been waiting for you to stand tall and raise your voices!.....Greetings Beloved Family!  We are ecstatic because you, Beloved Lightworkers, Ashtar Family members, and the World indeed, is speaking, and the voices are in unison!  And the voices are saying, 'Peace Now!  We’re done with war, we’re done with over 26,000 years of a cycle of vicious, dog-eat-dog, and even man-eats-child kinds of activities, brother against brother, and so on.  We’re done - it’s over!!!' "And when I say 'we,' it is because we are joined with you, because you have asked us to come and fulfill our Mission which is to assist you, Beloved Ones, in coming into your own Divine realizations of Who You Really Are, and to make your Ascensions, which you promised to yourselves that you would do long ago and far away! "But first we have much to do.  It has been only that we have been waiting for you to stand tall and raise your voices!....and it is most important that the Truth about 9-11 come out, because with it will unravel the contemporary lies....." "And so to really bring home the Truth, so to speak, which is the forerunner of the Homecoming for all who choose to take up Lifestyles in the Higher Dimensions, it is so important that the Truth of  9-11 come out!!!  And it is.  We assure you it is.  It is already out there for so many.....Because when this unravels - all of the lies and deceptions that have been perpetrated against the people in regard to this.... event - it will make clear all of the other Truths, going back 26,000 and some years, if you will, or perhaps to the 1800’s when the Illuminati, the Bankers, set forth their goals, and so on!!!...[ To Bring Truth and Love] That is the Truth in this now moment.  Our Mission is to bring this reality, to anchor it in place.  And so it is that we talk about Freedom, we talk about Truth, and those are absolutely necessary components..... 'Announce NESARA now - Peace for the World now - We call it forth and We Are the Voices of Planet Earth. We Are the Consciousness and We Are the Consciousness in Expression!!!'
"Because, Beloved Ones, You Are the New Majority!  So we congratulate you and we thank you.  Now let’s stand together and continue with this call this evening - or morning, as the case might be - and let us join together in bringing an even Higher Level of Peace and all that Peace requires, in order to be real and lasting for Planet Earth - and the Universe beyond is listening as well!
"Mother/Father God thanks you!  All of the Ascended Masters and the Angels, Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms, stand and bow to you because you have succeeded!  You Are the Majority and You Are the Voices of the Light of Love, and we love you beyond all words!!!  And so it is.  Salut!" End Of Quote

This Week We Not Only Have The Equinox but a Full Moon in Watery Pisces. This is an exceptionally watery period, intense feelings, Intense clearings, and more weather water events this coming week. Colorado is having some intense flooding right now and in fact 1200 People are currently missing in this area as they received an intense cleansing  there and a Hurricane in Mexico, 19 people transitionedThis Incoming Full Moon will be Combined with the equinox Energies for a Powerful Impact to US ALL!
 Quoted from Molly McChord"  ..... The very first thing that came to mind when I saw the upcoming Pisces Full Moon at 27 degrees on September 19th was: This lunation squares the Galactic Center. A strong energetic connection to this point in the astrology wheel signals a portal opening to infuse us with higher levels of consciousness, Divine wisdom, and cosmic understandings. Also, it raises the question: Will we be meeting new galactic friends from far, far away sometime soon? (I have no idea what to wear for such introductions!) This possibility has been circling around for a few months now, and whether or not you are in the loop about beings from other planets, it’s worth noting that timelines and energies are moving so quickly that anything is possible. Incredible openings are occurring - watch your dreams for messages! The Full Moon in Pisces is ruled by Neptune, adding a drifting, flowing flair to any intensity we may be currently experiencing. Pisces energy has a chillax vibe, the ability to tap into intuitive wisdom, and potentially escape the Real World for detours into spiritual realms. Afterall, what if everything around us is just an illusion and the only thing that is real is Love? Imagine.......  The approaching Fall Equinox on Sunday, September 22nd heralds a halfway point for the astrological year and a balancing of energies. It is a beautiful day to take a few deep breaths and feel the energies of your heart chakra expanding out. Notice the balance between the right and left sides of your body. Acknowledge yourself as a Divine being between heaven and earth, a spirit in a body, a vessel of joy, love, and abundance. Your energy is working in harmony with all other energies on the planet and you are perfectly connected to everything....." End of Quote

At this Moment as We head towards the Equinox and Full Moon Energies, Most of Humanity is at a Crossroads, as one path is a path of 3d illusion of fear, pain and suffering and The Other A Life Of Love And Joy. The path towards the denser energies is on a downward spiral and does Self destruct. The Other Path is the path of Love, which has been Lighted for All of Humanity. This is The Path of Awakening into Love and Joy, True Reality, Oneness and Heaven On Earth. With The Planet already in the 5d Frequencies Everyone In our current energies are now being faced with this Choice. Everyone Must all make A Decision to go to their Chosen paths. Humanity can choose Peace and step On the Path Home into the Light or to choose the latter and go down with the sinking ship. You see the powers who were have no more power, and All Humanity has to Accomplsih is to Stand Up and Choose Love. The Path is Open and Completly Lite. We have Shared with you in our Last update,the illusion will self destruct this is the only way for it to transform.
Quoted from VisionKeeper " ....Well here we are in September, only three months left until the new year. Are we seriously going to enter into a whole new year dragging the same baggage behind us from the year prior? It is so time to change what is taking place. This is where the rubber meets the road folks, this is where we either make a monumental stand for peace .... ...It is time for peace people! It is time to be free and rejoice and embrace life in all ways possible, but as I always say, it is up to us to bring it about. Whining and complaining to one another will do absolutely nothing. “Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, Something you do , Something you are, and something you give away”
― John Lennon...
So I’ve been at this blog for two years now and I really am saddened to see the world still sitting patiently and waiting for change to come, as if it were not they themselves who are driving the train to peace. For ages now the lethargy in the world has been blamed on mind control, fluoride, television etc. While some of it most certainly can be attributed to those influences, a good part can be attributed to a lack of inspiration. We are, on the whole as a society, uninspired about life. Our inspiration seems to ignite when we are close to death or fearfully on the edge. Enough of that! Being in the new world is about being inspired by life at every moment, ....
Life is not what we have known forever. It is vibrant and loving and filled with endless possibilities. One must step out of the illusion to be able to embrace its true being. As long as you live within the illusion you will see life through dirty glasses, dull and without meaning. Once one steps beyond the curtain of lies they will see a world of love and compassion, because that world exists within your own heart and is shared by those around you. If we want peace we have to make peace in our own lives first. Peace is not a state of being that just comes to someone, it is created by thoughts and actions, it is birthed through love and nurtured by love. It is the fundamental caring for other people because you know that they are you and you are those other people. What happens to you happens to them.
We are frittering away our time to have peace. Are we demanding an end to war? I see few people speaking out. We cannot have peace and love in the world while war is raging. I know we are all tired of war and death and suffering, but let us not wait until we are falling over the edge as always before we do something. Open your hearts up wide and claim that space for peace and fight for it any way you can that is gentle and positive. Open your mouths as well and let the world know what you are feeling. Be an inspiration to others and they will follow along. There will always be the few strong and brave ones who step out ahead of the others. Support them, stand behind them and connect in your hearts. The time to change the world is before us right now. What will we do about it?...." End of quote
Decreed by Heaven~

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