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✦ ✦ Unlabelled ✦ Archangel Uriel: Illuminating your life with clarity and Discovering your life’s purpose as you proceed into this bountiful harmonious Golden Age

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Dear friends,
For the past two weeks I have been in the knowingness that I would bring in some messages from Archangel Uriel and Archangel Jophiel. I have been seeing references to Archangel Uriel strongly over the past couple of weeks, and also plan to begin creating and then add these two paintings to the Archangel Series of lightworks of art. In particular, I have been seeing a ruby red and gold painting in my mind’s eye, a sign that I will be creating this painting and bringing it into manifestation. I may begin on this painting tonight as I am back in the studio again. I have also been getting an intuitive message that I need to bring in a message about discovering and following your soul mission or life’s purpose for being here on earth at this time. When I had the Reconnection done in the summer of 2013, I was able to reconnect in strongly with my Council of Angels and my higher self and have been discovering and tuning into my life’s purpose since then (bringing in telepathic messages from the angelic realm and creating light-coded works of art are two of my main soul missions on earth in this lifetime.)

Tonight through synchronicity as I went back into my art studio and connected in with Archangel Uriel, it all came together….the beautiful painting in my mind’s eye which I will begin creating, the message on finding your life’s purpose which has been in the background wanting to come though, and Archangel Uriel coming into my presence. It is always so beautiful when I connect on an artistic and spiritual level with the archangels as their essence begins to permeate my life, my mind, body and soul, and just feels so good. I am honored to be able to bring through this message for you tonight on illuminating and finding clarity in your life and discovering your life’s mission and soul purpose.

Good evening this is Archangel Uriel and I wish to speak to you tonight of illuminating your life with the clarity of finding your true life’s mission or soul purpose. This is a time of the Great Awakening for humankind on Earth and we of the angelic realm are assisting energetically with this illumination of your spirit which is connecting you into discovering with great clarity your true purpose for being here on earth at this time. Each of you has a very special purpose and function here, and each human being is a most precious and beautiful creation of our Source Creator. Each of you is a spark of Source Creator, and each of you decided before you came into this lifetime, what some of your specific soul missions on earth would be. For some it is in assisting with spiritual growth, for others in creating beauty and harmony….for many of you reading this, you are the “way-showers” and “illuminators” and guiding lights during this time of great awakening on earth. Your earth is now surrounded with the higher dimensional energies which have been embedded into the crystalline grid of Mother Earth Gaia’s body and surrounding your earth is the higher energetics of the Photon Belt. There are new energies on, in and around your earth which are raising the frequencies of every being on earth. Of course within the earth are the Agarthan civilizations who live as higher dimensional (5th dimension and above) societies, and those on the surface of earth are raising their frequencies now to match all of these energetic patterns in, around, and on the earth.

Also coming into your awareness now will be a remembrance of your “pre-birth” agreements before coming into this lifetime on earth. The channel found that having this spiritual technique of “The Reconnection®” (1) done is what helped her to hone in on remembering her pre-birth agreements and in doing this she also connected with us of her Council of Angels so that she is able to receive direct telepathic messages from us at any time by first connecting in with her higher self and then connecting in with us. We have been able to show her, her origins as a soul, the birth of her soul, her pre-birth contracts and agreements set up by her, and she has been able to assist with the grand plan of ascension of humanity by tuning into our messages to assist mankind with this great transitional period of harmonizing with the higher dimensional realms and transitioning into a galactic and higher dimensional society. She has also been able to tune into her Pleiadian family and have telepathic conversations with them, as well as to bring in messages of enlightenment for all, and has also found a source of healing in connecting with them, as well as a remembrance of some of her Pleiadian lifetimes with them. (The majority of her lifetimes as a soul have been in the Pleiades.)
Many of you feel like earth is not your true home and indeed it is not, many of you would refer to yourselves as starseeds, meaning you are from other galactic races and families and have agreed to come here to earth at this time to assist with the transition to the Golden Age of Enlightenment. You will begin to wake up more and more to your origins and pre-birth plans and agreements as the veil between lifetimes is lifting and as you begin to connect with your higher multidimensional selves you will have access to this information as well as information about your current lifetime contracts and agreements.

There are many methods that can assist you in tuning into this information about your life’s purpose, and much of it is done via connecting first with your higher and multidimensional self. You can then bring in messages for yourself from your higher self and multidimensional self about finding clarity in discovering your life’s purpose. If you are already clear on this, you may wish to ask about how to manifest energetically more of your life’s purpose into your daily life and how you interact with the world. Meditation and writing will assist you with this.

Connecting into your higher self and multidimensional self, as well as your soul origins and missions will assist in bringing in and anchoring in the higher dimensions into your earthen societies, as your higher self lives in the higher dimensions, and merging with this then creates your multidimensional self. Living and breathing as your multidimensional self on an individual basis then begins to create a multidimensional society as many people who are living a multidimensional life begin to connect with each other, this then forms a type of multidimensional society which is the basis of your New Earth in the Golden Age which you have now crossed over the threshold into………this is a beautiful light-filled world. The cities of light are humming with a golden effervescent light-filled luminescence which shimmers sparkles of love and healing, transmuting all of the old into a new energetic construct.

As you connect in with your higher dimensional self, you then begin to live from the perspective of the higher dimensions and begin to leave behind all that is of the lower vibrations that no longer serves you and you are transmuting and healing these aspects of yourselves which belong to the old world which is now falling away and crumbling at such a rapid pace….this is intersecting with the dynamic of the “speeding up of time” from your perspective which will accelerate into an oscillating crescendo, spinning faster and faster and leading you into the space of “no-time”, a higher dimensional space that your bodies, minds, and souls will begin to resonate more and more with.

As you begin to shed the light of illumination into the discovery of your life’s purpose, following your life’s purpose, and being into tune with that on a daily basis, your life will become lighter, more joy-filled, and more loving towards yourself and others. You will begin to find the joy and the peace that passes all understanding as you tune into your soul’s harmonic energy and begin to merge energetically with the harmony and energy of your soul. You will begin and are beginning to live from a standpoint of a higher dimensional spiritual being and beginning to assist your former 3rd dimensional earthen bodies into higher dimensional crystalline bodies which never age or have pain. The is the body and life you are moving into. This is what is possible by tuning into your higher dimensional self and living from the standpoint of a higher dimensional spiritual being – something which you already are but now your awareness of it is increasing – into embracing your entire being as you live this lifetime leaping into this bountiful harmonious Golden Age. What a joyous occasion! And as we watch it all happening from the angelic realm it is truly miraculous, joyous and loving and we are ever and always sending you our loving harmonious energy to assist you in all good things, in the discovering of your true soul and life’s purpose, and in bringing in your higher dimensional self into a transformed higher dimensional human body. You are amazing beings and are creating now beautiful lives for yourselves by tuning into your higher dimensional soul’s purpose and creating a beautiful new higher dimensional harmonious society. We stand ever ready to assist you with this process and in sending you the softest of love and light to illuminate your earthen journey into joy and love.
Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, and full message without alteration when re-posting this message.

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