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The destiny of the world today is in the hands of the women of the world. At no time in human history has the healing balm of mother love been so urgently needed not so saddengly missing.
Woman is created to hold in the deepest depths of her soul the urge to give and to protect. Her role on Earth is to nourish and give of herself as Mother Earth so bounteously gives from her body to your bodies.
Man's way of life all down through the ages has submerged woman's rightful place beside her mate and made her role that of an "appendage" rather than that of an equal half of a perfect whole.
Corruptness has become the way of life of mankind. Your world today is indeed "sick"--there is trouble in every land--in every home. All men--everywhere--need the healing power of mother love. Greed, doubt and fear fill men's hearts. WHY? The cause of all these negative traits springs from a deep-rooted sense of insecurity Only LOVE can cure the world's ills--and Mother love can and will bring BALANCE to your world if women would express their innate desires of love and protections and cease the facade of masculine demands.
There is a beautiful writing in a book called THE BROKEN WINGS, by Kahil Gibran who wrote in his native Arabic. He has written so beautifully of "mother" in so many places but I wish to share a most beauteous passage.
".........The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind is the word 'Mother' and the most beautiful call is the call of 'my Mother'. It is a word full of hope and love, a sweet and kind word coming from the depths of the heart. The mother is everything--she is our consolation in sorrow, our hope in misery, and our strength in weakness. She is the source of love, mercy, sympathy, and foregiveness. He who loses his mother loses a pure soul who blesses and guards him constantly.
"Everything in nature bespeaks the mother. The sun is mother of Earth and gives it its nourishment of heat; it never leaves the universe at night until it has put the Earth to sleep to the song of the sea and the hymn of trees and flowers. It produces them, nurses them, and weans them. The trees and flowers become kind of mothers of their great fruits and seeds. And the mother, the prototype of all existence, is the eternal spirit, full of beauty and love....The word 'mother' is hidden in our hearts and it comes upon our lips in hours of sorrow and happiness as the perfume comes from the heart of the rose and mingles with clear and cloudy air."
Yes, I am about to finish this book because I have given you the material you need with which to KNOW ALL. YOU must now do your portion. However, we will take a few inquiries and see if we can bring some kind of peace into the equation.
The big question is always: "If I have lived before, why do I not remember who I am or who I was in another lifetime?"
I MUST always start by reminding you that your body is NOT you, You are a Mind-Idea--a Cosmic Identity. You have always lived. Your body is but the motion of actions expressed by either your senses or your mind, or both. Your brain records memories upon your senses in order that the motion you need to express in the building of your body can be controlled. When your body wears out, your brain-memories wear out with it but they record those memories in the inert gases which constitute the seed. The seed repeats the essentials but does not repeat the non-essentials sufficiently well for you to remember if you ate chicken on a certain day thirty years ago unless it was connected to an event of sufficient importance to stamp it as such--for instance, almost dying by a chicken bone in the throat.
Things of importance are NEVER forgotten, however, when you see a baby trying to hold onto its father's hands as the father lifts it, that is an atavistic memory of the period when humans had to live more or less in the open. Memories and instincts are indelibly carved upon the memory in the seed and are reproduced in reincarnation after reincarnation for millions of years. It is important that one remembers things upon which his life and growth depend, but it is of no importance whatsoever that he remember that he was once John Jones of Boston or that the wind blew from the northwest of his wedding day of three thousand years ago. Nature has her way of recording these memories in the seed for future experiences. One of them is to record it in the body cells themselves as though each one had a little brain of its very own. This is what is known as cell-memory. It means that each little particle of a body knows its purpose in a body. Your body could not live and grow without that provision of Nature. This you should understand. If, for example, you want to walk, you have to order your body to act for you. Every little part of your body is continually acting and doing its work. You do not tell it to do it. If you cut your finger, you do not order the cells of your body to heal it. They do it themselves. They are Mind-centered as you are. Cell-memory of their purpose is recorded in them and they obey orders just as your whole body obeys you.
There are a hundred functions of your body that you do not know about. There are mechanical functions that you give no thought to. They work automatically without receiving orders from you. They receive orders from themselves, however, and those orders from cell-control are memories of thousands of reincarnations which have passed one generation of memories to another, so that the insignificant gland of millions of years ago, which began to form for the purpose of creating adrenalin in your body, is now a complex chemical plant which operates without any direct orders from you. In fact, you never gave it orders since its beginning. You DESIRED it as a body-need and your desire created it. Then your body remembered it and has repeated it millions of times. Those essentials of life are what you remember from incarnation to incarnation, not that YOU lived in Ohio under some name or another at some other time. These are to learn from the experience of THIS encounter with physical experience itself.
Now, consider the cell-memory of a spider who gradually learned how to build a web in order to catch food. Each new generation of spiders is not taught how to make a web. It is a necessity of their existence so it is inerwoven into the cell-memories of millions of incarnations. Each new reincarnation adds to its proficiency and that new efficiency is added to the seed and imparted into the next body as cell-memory. Each time an adjustment comes to the environment the needs of the being are implanted into the seed and this is often the end result called "natural selection"
This, actually, should prove reincarnation, for it is inconceivable that a full-grown SPECIES of any form of life could be spontancously created in one short generation. The evidence of millions upon millions of repetitions is very plainly present in every living thing which grows.
But, of course, the next point is that a person lives some 70 to 80 years and is put into the ground after what is called death and that is confusing.
The only hurdle which you must surmount is the "time" element. You have not yet learned that cycles are alike, but of differing durations. By that I mean that a life cycle of seventy years for a man to express physical life and death is no different from a sound cycle of four-thousandths of a second. Each sound cycle, which lives only four-thousandths of a second, lives and dies just as you do in your own cycle. You hear the "reincarnations" of sound bodies come and go so swiftly that millions of those reincarnations seem like one continuous sound. There are rest periods between realizations which balance the action periods. There are rest periods between realizations which balance the action periods. The interval is always in balance with the action.
All "thinking" energies birthed into the physical form are shrouded by the "forgetting". What then comes to happen is that after many generations the very source is forgotten. It is not just a time of "remembering" who YOU are--but that WHICH YOU ARE and that which is your civilization and relationship with God.
I wish to remind you that you will find as you restudy the material that it is utterly SIMPLE and can be fully comprehensible to you.
Do not say, not even for a moment, that it is "over your head" or that you cannot understand it. You must think it over and over again, then meditate upon it until what you now read with your senses, you will gradually KNOW, IT WILL BECOME PART OF YOU.
The more you turn into thinking cosmically instead of sense physically, the more you find yourself using God's Mind AS your own Mind--and God's hands as YOUR hands. That is exactly the way that it MUST be.
I must go over a few points to emphasize a second time the important points to hold in mind.
If you can add up to nine, or realize that your breathe inwardly and outwardly from a balanced center within you, you can understand the workings of the most complex phenomena in all Nature. We must accentuate the fact that God never allows more than half of mine for any action of man or Nature. That one half of nine belongs to Creation. That one half is the limit of man's or Nature's "free will" or for man's and Nature's bodies to mature to their maximums.
God creates all elements of matter in His own image--PERFECT--out of which all of Nature and man create their bodies and their lives and desires IN THEIR OWN IMAGE. At maturity, which is four-and-a-half of the NINE of creation, Nature and man must begin to regive their bodies, their desires and their lives back to God for another lesson in life. This process continues with all Nature and man as long as his planet will sustain life or until man has fully become ONE with God. We call that process "evolution" but God intends it as his school of many classes from which all will graduate when they have learned how to manifest the IDEA of themselves AS THAT IDEA EXISTS IN GOD'S MIND.
There is a basic thing which all those who desire to attain supremacy must place first in their behavior to themselves and to their fellow men. That is that every action and reaction are inexorably followed by their effect, or product, and this third attribute to motion is what continues Creation into infinity.
Your civilization has not yet advanced to the stage where it gives equal import to the spiritual QUALITIES, which cannot be counted or measured, and the physical QUANTITIES, which can be counted and measured. Both come from God's body, the universe. The materialist overbalances his taking of QUANTITIES and the masters among men give full attention to the necessity of the QUALITIES as a part of their nature and identity.
Man creates his own personality and identity by the measure in which he balances th QUANTITIES of God's body and the rhythms of it which are its QUALITILES in the making of his own body, his own personality, and his own identity.
The action and reaction of the pendulum create the product called TIME. They balance and thus extend Creation into infinity. Man bargains. One takes more and gives less; thus man's world is threatened with extinction by man. The basic THREE which cannot be added to or subtracted from is referred to as THE DIVINE TRINITY.
The Divine Trinity consists of God, the undivided Father-Mother of Creation, and the two divided father-and-mother pairs which constitute Creation.
There is nothing else in the universe for this is the principle of the light-wave which man calls ELECTRIC CURRENT. Creation consists only of light-waves. God creates only sex-divided father and mother bodies by dividing His thinking. Father and mother bodies unite their sex conditions to create other father and mother bodies. There is naught else in all the universe.
I would like to leave this message off at this point for I ask that you ponder upon this information. Thank you, Dharma, for your service and blessings flow upon you all who seek--for you shall be given to "find"

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