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Lord Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ, Ascended)
To Begin Today, for the next SEVEN DAYS, at least 15 minutes per day

Greetings, it is I, Sananda, back with you once again.  While my brother Ashtar is playing with your sun, he asked me to bring to the Eagles their next assignment, which I am always happy to do.  And that assignment is to counteract the fear that flows through the Human grid.  There are so many fears on your world, fears of cataclysmic earth changes, fears of another world war, fears of radiation and nuclear disaster, and the list goes on and on.  

Well, my brothers and sisters, you already know the antidote to fear, do you not?  It’s Love, pure and simple.  So that is the Energy you are asked to work with in your coming week to help offset these fears, for Love is the catalyst to your earth ascension.  My brother Ashtar is asking that you approach the elimination of these fears by focusing on the grids that are most affected by it, i.e. the Human Grid and the mass-consciousness grid.
During the first five minutes of this meditation you are asked to send, through your ‘intention to do so’, the Energy of Love to the Human Gird, which is the grid connecting all humans on the planet, much like the Animal Kingdom has its own grid, as well as the Mineral Kingdom. You will be sending to the Human Kingdom.
For the second five minutes, you are to send the Energy of Love to the mass-consciousness grid that surrounds planet Earth, for this is where the densest energies reside. Now, you may think that the Human Grid and the mass-consciousness grid is the same grid, but they are not. And this is a subject we will get into later. I am also asked to remind you to consciously disconnect from the mass-consciousness grid at the end of this focus.
For the last five minutes of this meditation, you are asked to focus, naturally, on your dear Mother Earth, for her well-being is affected by the energy of Fear that humans hold upon her surface.  So connect with the Heart of Gaia, sending her the Energy of Love.  Then rest for a moment before ending your meditation and simply feel her Love returned to you tenfold. 
You are loved and cherished by all of us in the higher realms as well as by your Earth Mother.  Stay grounded to her, stay in love with her, and ascend with her!
I am Sananda, always by your side.


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